Cheeku is keen to solve the puzzle behind the water balloons shooting.
Cheeku and Meeku show the power of running.
Find out how Damru used the expensive soaps.
Damru comic
What happens when Damru is asked to put things in the right place.
Cheeku gives Cat an interesting punishment.
Cat almost catches Meeku, but Moti interrupts his plans.
Right from furniture to brooms and dustbins, our shop sells everything that a house needs. In fact, dustbins are our bestsellers!
Many adults are crippled with indecision when faced with difficult choices. Others, worse yet,
Moti was looking for a place to sleep. Read more to know what followed when he slept inside a drum.
Technology and kids today is a sight you often see. A toddler holding a tablet, an infant with an iPhone in her mouth, what’s new?