That day Chunky Rat was very sad when Cheelu Eagle came there.

“Why are you sad, Brother Chunky?” Cheelu asked.

“What shall I say? Everybody wants to kill me. Crows and the other birds or snakes and cats, all frighten me as I am small in size. If I was big, they couldn’t have done so,” Chunky said in a dejected voice.

“Okay, tell me what would you have done if you were big?” Cheelu smiled.

“If I was big, I would have bitten the cats, caught the tails of snakes and threw them in the air and I would have been so bad with the crows, hawks and the eagles that they would have never forgotten,” Chunky said overzealously.

“Oh, so along with other birds, you are thinking of making bad state of eagles too. Now I will show you how to make a bad state of somebody,” When Cheelu ran behind Chunky, he hid inside his hole.

Chunky didn’t come out of his hole for a long time. Only when Cheelu went away, did he come out.

He saw a giraffe coming.

“Wow Brother Giraffe, you have an amazing height. I wish I was as tall as you, and then I wouldn’t have to be afraid of anyone. On the contrary, others would have been scared of me.

“You think being tall is good? Do you know that because of my height I can’t hide and my enemies spot me easily? If I was small like you, I could have hidden anywhere,” giraffe said in an unhappy tone.

“So you are not happy with your height?”

“Not at all,” giraffe said. Just then he heard the roar of a lion and got frightened.

“It seems the lion is coming here,” giraffe said and ran away.

‘Wow, a lion must be the strongest. A big animal like a giraffe is also scared of him,’ Chunky thought. When the lion came there, Chunky hid inside his hole.

“You are looking anxious. What’s the matter?” Chunky asked from inside his hole.WHY-Am-I--LIKE-THIS

“Hide me somewhere. Hunters have arrived in the jungle and they are looking for me.”

“You are the king of the jungle, but still you are scared of humans?” Chunky was surprised.

“If the humans catch me, I will be no king,” the lion said and started looking for a place to hide. When he didn’t find a suitable place, he left.

“How’s that, the animal who is the king of the jungle and so strong is petrified of ordinary humans, even I am not scared of humans,’ Chunky thought.

Chunky came out from his hole and reached the riverside. He saw an elephant in the river.

“Why are you roaming about so carelessly? Don’t you know that there are hunters in the jungle?” Chunky said.

“I am not scared of hunters,” the elephant said unconcerned. “What? You are not afraid of the hunters? Even the king of the jungle lion is scared of them. Okay, you must be definitely scared of the lion?”

“I will wrap my trunk around the lion and throw him away. Why should I be scared of him?”

“That means you are not scared of anyone?”

“It’s not like that. I am very scared of ants,” Chunky was astonished to hear this.why am i like this

‘This elephant is scared of those ants of which even I am not scared. That means I am stronger than him,’ Chunky thought and came back to his hole.

“But I am afraid of Cheelu. That means Cheelu is the strongest. She is not scared of anyone and she can fly high in the sky without any fear. I wish I could be like Cheelu,’ Chunky was thinking when he heard somebody whimpering in pain. He came out of his hole and saw. Cheelu was sitting on a tree branch and moaning. She was badly hurt.

“Cheelu, what happened, how did you get hurt? You are so strong that everyone is scared of you, then who did this to you?”

“I got hurt by a kite string while flying,” Chunky began laughing when Cheelu said this.

“I am injured and you are laughing?” Cheelu said angrily.

“I am not laughing on you, but on thinking that the animals that I thought to be very strong are weaker than even me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Lion is afraid of hunter, elephant of ant and you got hurt by a mere string. That means I am stronger than all of you because I am not scared of hunters or ants. Tearing threads is a daily thing for me. So whether its sky or the earth, I am strong both up and down. I was unnecessarily thinking myself as weak,” Chunky said happily and went back to his hole, leaving Cheelu perplexed.