About Us

Started in 1968, Champak is the largest selling children’s magazine in India. Published in 8 languages, reaching over 6 million kids, it’s an inseparable part of childhood memories for most Indians. Champak stories are beautifully illustrated, expand children’s creativity and imagination, hone reading skills and bring positive self-worth. Through its stories, set in a unique forest, Champakvan, anthropomorphic characters encourage children to treat others with respect, kindness and sensitivity. Puzzles in Champak help develop cognitive and reasoning skills, and fun pages bring humour that is essential to a child’s everyday life.

If you’ve ever been bullied, and don’t know what to do, meet Cheeku and Meeku who have been in a similar situation or two. They will help find a way or a trick for you, to confront your bully and make them realise, what happens when the tables are turned otherwise. This is done the Champakvan way, where after apologising, everyone is pulled in a tight embrace.

Jumbo elephant has always had issues, with pants in vogue that never fit his body tissues. He cries quietly at night, for no one understands his hurt and plight. Till one day Cheeku and Chikabella see him cry and design funky clothes that fit his body type. Everyone in Champakvan is pleasantly surprised to see Jumbo swagger day and night.

King Shersingh aspires becoming an acrobat, but alas appoints as coach Jumpy monkey, the Champakvan super brat. And in a comedy of errors, Shersingh gets trapped in the middle of a tree that tremors. For now who will rescue the King from this blunder, Jumbo elephant, Blacky bear, Damru donkey – all wonder! Till Jumpy has a ‘Eureka’ moment, and tickles out Shersingh, saving everyone from punishment.

Some walk on four legs and others on two, some swing by, and others crawl tut tut, some flutter their beautiful wings and everyone does their own jigs. But all are bound by a strong bond that goes from here to beyond. Love is the feeling that makes no one first or last, in every celebration the Champakvan community shows only together we can have a blast!

Champakvan is a fantasy forest built with imagination and sensitivity. Champak is an evergreen tree and ‘van’ means forest. Great adventure lies at every turn, and a child’s curious mind finds a whole lot of fun. There are numerous characters waiting to take children on a wild and exciting ride.

Hop and skip to the pond and meet Tarry and Harry, the friendly frogs. A short distance away, say hello to the funny bunny Cheeku and naughty and nice Meeku mouse. Jump on Chikabella’s flying disc, whose inventions are so slick.

The mighty Shersingh lion will make his presence felt. But don’t be scared as his roar is worse than his bite, and he never bites! If you feel the earth move, don’t be alarmed. It’s only Jumbo elephant, out on his afternoon walk.

Swinging from the trees is Jumpy monkey, always on his toes. And over there, above the flowers and dancing happily is Teetu butterfly playing hide and seek. Blacky bear hides behind large trees. Damru donkey is not so bright. He stays in one place and happily chews on the green grass. Be careful of Baddy fox as he is wicked and eats others when he gets a chance. Vivi wolf puffs up when mad, but don’t worry as she is not half as bad.

Champakvan has everything that fascinates the child in you.

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