Champak is the largest read children's magazine in India. It's being published since 1967, and enjoys a readership of more than 6 million across 8 Indian languages. Champak is a household name in India and an inseparable part of childhood memories of most of us in this country. The magazine is admired for its fun and adventurous short stories, most of which are based in the jungle Champak-van (Van means jungle in Hindi). There are 12 animal characters in this jungle, each of whom has its own character traits and personalities. The popular ones are Cheeku the rabbit, Meeku the monkey, Jumbo the elephant, Sher Singh the lion and Baddy the wolf. The magazine has been publishing stories on these characters for more than 50 years. 


Available Roles

Position: Project based / Remote work

We are in search of design artists who can work with us in developing character bibles for all these characters for animation, as well as for various licensing possibilities. We are looking at designer(s), who can work with us in designing and developing a detailed bible with character designs, turnaround, biographies, poses, colour schemes, character outline, and other aspects as may be important.


We are in search of animators who can work with us in developing animation around stories that we have. This will be for our youtube channel, as well as for pilots for pitching it for TV channels and other partners.

Puzzles & activities designers 

We are in search of design artists who can work with us as freelance illustrators and designers, for developing activities and puzzles- spot the difference, mazes, word games, crosswords, brain teasers and all other kinds of fun and educative activities that help in children's cognitive development. We are looking at designers who can develop and design the entire concept, which are fit for publishing in magazines as well as digital editions. The format of the magazine is a typical 8.375" x 10.875”

In case you would like to speak to us for any of these roles, please write to us at, with the subject line “Champak Character Bible”,  “Champak Animation”, or “Champak Puzzles”, respectively.