Colour me
Help troubled King Sher Singh by giving him a colourful makeover.
Complete the picture
Parts of this image have been left blank. Look at the picture, complete it and then colour it.
Dot to Dot
Join the dots to find out what makes our little friend so cheerful.
find the compasses
There are 10 compasses hidden in this scene. Can you find them?
Rehan had to meet his little sister Ayesha after school, but in this rain, he can't recognize her from all the other kids. Can you help him find her?
space puzzle
A team of scientists from ISRO has launched a rocket to Mars. Help the scientists control the rocket through the space maze.
Observe the picture for a minute, cover it and try answering the questions given in the box.
Complete the number grid.
odd one out
Tick the odd one out in each row.
Put the animals in order based on the timeline of their extinction.
A Question of Age Can you solve it?
Teeth aren't pearly, until you smile. Find out how many differences are there between these two pictures.
That's not right
Some things are not right in this kitchen. Can you point out what they are?
Join the words to make nine summer related words. Look at the pictures if you need help.
Can you guess the name?
Many adults are crippled with indecision when faced with difficult choices. Others, worse yet,
Moti was looking for a place to sleep. Read more to know what followed when he slept inside a drum.
Technology and kids today is a sight you often see. A toddler holding a tablet, an infant with an iPhone in her mouth, what’s new?