Enjoy a winter bonfire this festive season with Krupa and Akhil!
Celebrate Christmas by completing this picture!
Join these dots and celebrate Teacher's Day with us!
Preparation for a white Christmas are in full swing. Find 10 snowflakes hidden in the picture!
National Farmers’ Day is celebrated on December 23. Choose the group making the right demands!
Lead Santa Claus to the bag of gifts and then, to Rahul’s house!
Look at the picture and answer the following questions on hibernation!
Complete the number grid.
Choose the odd one among the pollution causes listed!
Put the following steps used for hygienic sanitation in sequence.
Choose the correct mathematical symbols for the equations and celebrate Mathematics Day!
Celebrate Christmas by finding 10 differences in these pictures!
Find out what are the things that are are not right in this picture.
Celebrate the World Mosquito Day by solving this crossword puzzle!
Can you guess the name?