Frog Paperweight

You will need: Red, white, green and black chart papers, scale, scissors, glue and an old coaster.

How to make: 





1. Cut 4 strips of green chart paper, each measuring 1.5cm.

2. Fold 1 green strip into a circle and stick the ends.

3. Fold 2 green strips into the shape of a teardrop and stick the ends.

4. Stick the two teardrop shapes and the circle, as shown in the picture. This will form the legs and body of the frog.

5. Fold the last green strip into a circle. Pinch any two corners of the circle to form the head of the frog.

6. Stick this to the frog’s body.

7. Cut strips of green, black and white chart papers. Fold them into a circle and stick it together for the frog’s eyes.

8. Stick the eyes on the head of the frog, as shown.

9. For the mouth, cut a red strip, fold it into a circle and pinch any two corners.

10. Glue it to the head to complete the paper frog. You can stick the frog on a coaster and use it as paperweight.


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