Work With Patience

Jumbo, the elephant was ambling along swinging his trunk. He passed a sugarcane field on his way. He stopped by and pulled out some sugarcane and moved ahead.

After walking some distance he saw Kittu, the squirrel with a pile of coconuts beside her.

“Kittu, what are you doing?” asked Jumbo.

“Jumbo I am shredding coconut to make coconut ladoos.”

“Wow! I like coconut laddoos too. May I have some of your coconut ladoos?” asked Jumbo in a pleading tone.

“Surely, but first let me prepare the ladoos. Since you are here, help me in shredding the coconut,” said Kittu and Jumbo agreed readily.

Jumbo started shredding the coconut, but soon got fed up.

Work Without Risk

“How boring! I don’t want to shred the coconut,” said Jumbo and got up and went away from there, before Kittu could say anything. After he had gone some distance he saw Dabbu, the rabbit standing in the field.

“Dabbu what are you doing in your field in this scorching sun?”

“Jumbo, today we are preparing carrot halwa at our house. I came to collect some carrots for it,” said Dabbu pulling out a carrot.

“Halwa! Dabbu can I come to your house to eat halwa?” Jumbo asked, his mouth already watering

“Yes, why not, but then we will require more carrots to prepare the halwa. Jumbo, please help me grate the carrots. That way we will be done with our work sooner.” They walked to Dabbu’s house and entered his kitchen.

“I will be done in a giffy,” said Jumbo and started grating the carrots. Just as with the coconuts, Jumbo enjoyed it for a while, but soon felt bored.

‘It takes so long to grate the carrots. Who knows how long it will take to grate enough to make enough halwa for the both of us,’ thought Jumbo and moved on from there.

“What happened? Where are you going?” asked Dabbu, when he saw Jumbo go.

“I just remembered I have to do something important,” Jumbo made an: excuse and went away from there.

Going, further along, he saw a banana tree. He broke a bunch of bananas and sat under the shade of a tree eating it.

‘Such tasty bananas!’ thought Jumbo as he ate them and threw the banana peels on one side. Then he peeled one banana after another and ate the whole bunch.

After a few moments, Jumbo felt a slight movement on his leg. He shrieked when he saw ants moving on his leg.

Yikes! So many ants! What will happen if they go into my trunk?’ Jumbo shouted and he flicked them from his legs and threw them far.

Jumbo saw that the ants were taking the pulp from the banana skin to their ant holes in the tree.

Most of the ants lost their balance and fell off the tree, when they tried to climb the tree carrying the pulp. However, not accepting defeat, they got back on their feet and climbed again. However, the same thing happened again.

When this happened three or four times, Jumbo felt pity for the ants.

“Oh! Why are you working so hard just to get a bit of pulp? I will keep a peeled banana near your hole,” said Jumbo and he kept a peeled banana near the ants’ hole.

But the ants continued trying to carry the banana pulp to their hole.

‘It seems they haven’t seen the whole banana,’ thought Jumbo. At that moment he saw a few ants go near the banana.

Good, the ants have come to know about the banana. Now they will not come down and trouble me,’ thought Jumbo happily. But the ants continued to carry the little bit of banana pulp.

‘Is one banana not enough for them, that they are still working so hard for that bit of pulp, thought Jumbo and kept another banana near the ants’ hole. But the ants continued to bring little bits of pulp.

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One by one Jumbo kept five bananas near the ants’ hole. But the ants continued to carry a little pulp to their hole. Seeing this Jumbo lost his temper.

“Either you’ll are foolish or greedy. I have kept five bananas near your hole, but all of you are still toiling for a bit of pulp,” Jumbo said in anger.

A tiny voice spoke up. “We are neither foolish nor greedy but we just do not want to change our way of working patiently.” Jumbo was shocked at hearing this because it was coming from an old ant who had stepped out of the hole to speak to Pappu.

“Today you have given us bananas, but if we get used to getting things easily, we will not be able to look for food late, when there is no one to give it to us so easily. So we do not want to leave our habit of working patiently,” said the elderly ant.

On hearing these words Jumbo realized that he neither had any patience nor did he believe in working. If the small ants facing such difficulty can do such hard work with patience, then why can’t I?’ Jumbo thought and went to help Kittu and Dabbu with their work.

In return, they let Jumbo have some coconut ladoos and carrot halwa and Jumbo finally understood that hard work and patience always pays off.

Work Without Risk

Danny donkey was in big trouble. Growing up, he always had fun while his mother made trips to the pond and back, with bundles of clothes on her back. His mother worked for Wasim washer man, along with other donkeys.

But now Danny was big, and he too had to work all day. Danny was lazy, and he found work to be a burden, so he would walk slowly and leisurely and always reach home late. One day, Wasim lost his patience with Danny and gave him a thrashing.

“Carrying bundles is tedious work. Not only do I have to carry the load, but  I also get beaten up if I don’t reach on time. I am not doing this work. I will find some other work which is easy,” he thought to himself and left home one night.

Next morning, he saw monkeys swinging on the bar and doing somersaults for people. He thought “How much fun they are having while they are swinging on the bars. I should also learn to do the same and that way I will have fun while working.”

Next day, Danny started practicing. But standing on two feet, and dancing proved to be very difficult, and when it came to swing on the bars, he became quite afraid.

“Oh! This is so much more riskier than carrying clothes. There is fear of breaking my limbs,”saying so Danny moved on.

He then saw elephants roaming in the market taking kids for a ride on their back.

“Aha! This is easy work. Just carry a small person on your back and eat food till you are full. I shall do this work from tomorrow,” he said to himself.


Next day, he asked Champu monkey to sit on his back.

“Alright!” Champu jumped and sat on his back.

“Aah! My back is broken. Get off me fast,” Danny screamed. “Oh! This work is even harder. I am having difficulty in breathing,” saying so, Danny ran away from there.

What should I do now?” he asked himself.

“Is work necessary? What if I manage my livelihood without working!” he thought to himself and jumped in joy. He ran towards the jungle “So many green leaves. I can eat till I am full.”

As soon Danny tried to eat, the crows started cawing.

“Go away from here. This is our house. Let us rest.” Danny did not pay any attention and munched on the leaves.

“Friends this is our nest. This animal is trying to eat our home. Come, lets teach him a lesson,” said one of the crows.


In a minute the crows attacked Danny and pecked him everywhere. He had to run away to save himself.

“I just got saved. These crows were very dangerous. I still want to live without working, but I don’t want to risk my life for that,” said Danny. His eyes fell on Bholu bear who was climbing a tree. He knew that bears ate honey.

“Why shouldn’t I try to eat honey? If this big bear can become full by eating honey then why not me? This work is easy.” Thinking this, he went to the tree which Bholu had climbed.

“But how will I climb the tree?” While Danny was thinking over this, a swarm of bees arrived and seeing that their hive was broken, they started buzzing loudly.

“This bear has eaten our honey and despite that, he is still standing here. Come on, let’s teach him a lesson.”As soon as he heard this, Danny ran but bees followed him, till he jumped into a pond.


“I am not a bear,” he kept shouting but bees kept stinging him. till the queen bee told everyone to leave.

“I thought that without working hard and taking risk, I could live easily. But living without working has proven to be much more dangerous,” Danny said in pain.

On hearing his words, he heard someone laugh. “Who is it?” Danny looked around and saw a tiny ant sitting on a leaf.


“I am just a tiny little ant. My stomach is smaller than yours. But I have to work hard throughout the year. To live, we have to work and not run away from it,” she said.

Danny carefully listened to what the tiny ant said. He then returned home and thought he would enjoy his work and not run away from it.

Genie and John

John was a very lazy boy. He was not interested in going to school or in studying regularly. His parents and teachers were always scolding him for his laziness.

John’s parents tried to teach him the importance of hard work, but he did not listen to them.

“John, I don’t know when you will realise that being lazy is not good,” said dad.

“Why do I get the same thing every time? I wish that there was someone to study on my behalf and give exams,” thought John.

One morning, John went to the beach for a walk. He was dreaming about a life where he did not work and was still happy.

While walking on the beach, John hit something hard on the ground. It rolled a little ahead and made a sound that grabbed John’s attention.

John was surprised to see a golden lamp decorated with small, delicate design. He thought, “This lamp looks like the one from Aladdin’s story. In the story, when the lamp is rubbed thrice, a Genie appears to fulfil our wishes. Let me try.”

John was very excited, he rubbed the lamp thrice.

Work Without Risk

Poof! A Genie appeared in front of John. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Hello, master. I am here to fulfil your wishes,” said the Genie in a pleasant voice.

John was too excited. He first asked for chocolates and ice-creams. Within a few seconds, they appeared in front of John. He asked for some more wishes which the Genie fulfilled instantly.

“What is your last wish, my master?” asked the Genie.

John thought for some time and said, “I want the maths question paper set by our teacher for our exam.”

“Your wish is my command, my master! But don’t you think it is wrong to cheat in exams?” asked the Genie, concerned.

“This is my order to you, Genie. Do not try and preach to me,” said John, angrily.

”As you say, my master!” said the Genie and disappeared in the air. John was very happy about getting the paper.


“This time I will score full marks in the paper. Hard work is not necessary,” said John. He practised a few questions from the paper and made chits of others.

“I will copy the answers during the exam,” said John before going out to play.

John’s maths teacher, Mr. Thomas had set the paper on his computer. One day before the exam, he wanted to take printouts of the paper. But when he
searched for the file on his computer, he found that the paper was missing.

“Oh no! Now I will have to set a new question paper,” thought Mr. Thomas.

The next day, John was full of confidence when he entered the examination hall.

John snatched the paper in a hurry to fill the answer sheet. But soon, he realised that none of the questions matched with the question paper that the Genie had given to him. John felt angry and cheated.

That evening, John rubbed the lamp to call the Genie again.

“You are a cheater, Genie! You gave me the wrong question paper. I’m going to fail because of you,” shouted John, angrily.

The Genie explained, “When you asked me for the question paper, I took it from your teacher’s computer. But the file could only be at one place at a time. When I gave the paper to you, it was deleted from your teacher’s computer. He set another paper after that.”

John realised his mistake. He understood we have to do our work ourselves and with sincerity.

“Had I studied seriously I wouldn’t have to look for a shortcut to succeed in this exam. I should have listened to my parents,” thought John.

John turned to the Genie and said, “Thanks for your help. But be there to show me the right path in the future.”

The Genie happily said, “My master, your wish is my command!”