Senior Citizens’ Club!

Ballu and Benny bear ran a food court in Nandanvan. As it was a food court, they had to open it early in the morning before breakfast and close it late at night after dinner. Due to such a hectic schedule, they didn’t find much time to spend at home. Their son Teddy went to a morning school and came back in the afternoon. Ballu’s father Bob who was quite old used to be at home alone. Bob felt lonely in the house the entire day and he lacked company or any activity to do.

One afternoon he was sitting in his easy chair in the house when Teddy came back from school. Teddy saw that his grandpa was very sad and lost in some deep thought. He asked him, “What happened grandpa? Why do you look so sad?”

Bob caressed Teddy’s head and said, “My dear boy, nothing is the matter.” But Teddy could see that grandpa was trying to hide something.

That evening when Teddy was busy with a school project, his mom and dad came back from work. Teddy shared the conversation he had with grandpa in the afternoon. On hearing Teddy, Ballu became worried for his father. Benny said, “I think it may be because of old age that he fears he will lose his independence. He might be really struggling but you know he is too proud to admit that he needs some help. Since we are away most of the days, he may not be comfortable to share his feelings with us”.

Next day, Teddy kept thinking about his grandpa and the conversation between his mom and dad. He wanted to help his grandpa and many more such senior citizens of Nandanvan like him. Suddenly that evening he had an idea and he ran to his grandpa and said,” Let’s start a senior citizen club in Nandanvan. Bob was surprised by Teddy’s sudden proposal and asked, “What do you mean Teddy?” Teddy explained, “Grandpa, you and some of other senior citizens like you residing in Nandanvan can start a senior citizen club. The club members may jointly organize various activities like get-togethers, yoga camps, tea party, and picnics. You can tie up with our school for some lectures based on your real-life experiences that may be practical learning for students.”

Benny who came early from work heard all this at the door steps and said, “This is a good suggestion Teddy. This way all senior citizens will get each other’s company and be involved in some activity. Since Ballu and I are out for work during the day, our home can be used for your meetings and get-togethers.”

Bob was happy to see that though he was feeling lonely, his family was concerned about him. He took a lead and with Teddy’s help, formed the club and invited members.

In a short span of time, the Senior Citizen Club of Nandanvan was the talk of the jungle and all the members who joined the club started participating in various social activities, picnics, yoga sessions, swimming and get-together parties. The food for the senior members for the club programmes was of course sponsored by Ballu’s Food Court!