Peeku, the liar

Little Peeku, the parrot used to tell a lot of lies, just to have fun.
Due to this habit, he got scolded a number of times by his parents and friends.

Once, Croaky, the crocodile asked him, “Little Peeku, what is the time now?”

Peeku innocently said, “It is 2 o’clock now, Croaky uncle.”

Croaky left for his home and asked his wife, “What have you prepared for lunch? I hope it’s something yummy.”

Croaky’s wife got very angry and said, “It is just 11 o’clock. I have not even started cooking yet. Why did you come back so early? Go back to your hunting.”

So, Croaky went back to the forest and looked for Peeku. Peeku laughed at him and flew away.

On a Sunday, Peeku’s mother had gone to the market. When she came back, Peeku said, “Mom, your friend Rimi aunty had called. She wanted you to make some cutlets today evening. She is coming here with her family.”

Peeku’s mom mashed potatoes and peas to make yummy cutlets. She waited for Rimi to come.

The clock struck six in the evening but Rimi didn’t turn up. Peeku’s mom called Rimi and said, “Hi Rimi! When are you coming over?” Remember you called and said that you were coming in the evening.

Rimi said, “I’ve had a fever for the past few days. Right now I’m going to see the doctor. I never called you.”

Peeku enjoyed the cutlets while his mother scolded him.

One day, Peeku went to the school without doing his homework.

His teacher Doodle, the duck asked him, “Why have you not done your homework?”

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Peeku made a sad face and said, “My grandma Ellie fractured her hand and I was helping her at home. I did not have the time to do the homework.”

Doodle excused Peeku. That evening, Doodle duck went to the fitness club and after swimming happily in the pool, she went to have a cup of tea.

Doodle saw Ellie parrot using the gym. Ellie was lifting weights. Doodle was surprised.

She went up to Ellie and said, “Didn’t you fracture your arm yesterday? How are you using your hand freely today?”

Ellie parrot laughed and said, “Who said I fractured my hand? Yesterday I had gone to see the circus with my grandson, Peeku. I am quite alright.”

Doodle whispered something into Ellie’s ear.

The next day, when the school began, Peeku was surprised to see his
grandmother in the school. She had a cast on her hand.

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Peeku ran up to her and asked, “What happened to your arm, grandma?”

Ellie said, “Peeku, didn’t you tell your teacher that I had fractured my arm? I felt so bad about your lie that I went to the doctor and told him to put a cast on my arm till you don’t stop your habit of lying.”children fiction

Peeku felt ashamed and realised that he had not even thought about his
grandmother’s health when he had lied.

Peeku made a promise to everyone that he would stop lying.

In the evening, Peeku went with grandma Ellie to the doctor and removed the cast. He also decided to cast off his habit of lying.