Lizard in Pudding?

“I am really late today,” said Rentu rat walking faster. It was dark outside and the streets were deserted.

Suddenly, Fanny cat blocked his way. “Oh! You? Here?” asked Rentu, surprised. “I hope you haven’t come to bully me again!”

“No, Rentu,” said Fanny, looking around nervously. “I’m in big trouble! Please
help me!”

“Why, what happened?” asked Rentu.

“Baddy wolf is after me. He’s been harassing me for a few days. He
was chasing me, but I somehow ran away and escaped.”

“I see,” said Rentu, thinking. “But how can I trust what you are saying?”

“Rentu, this is not the time to fight! Baddy won’t let you go either, if he catches me. Think of a plan, quick! I promise, I’ll never bully you,” pleaded Fanny.

“You don’t have to ask twice. I never back down from helping my neighbours. Just follow my instructions.”

Rentu went and got some pudding from Manjari cow. Then he threw the pudding container on the road.

“Why did you do that?” asked Fanny, taken aback.

“Grab your tummy and lie down as though you’re in pain. I’ll handle the rest!” said Rentu. By now, Baddy had reached near Fanny and Rentu.

“Wow! Two preys at one place! I’m going to have a feast tonight!” he said, his mouth watering.

Then he noticed Fanny lying on the road, wriggling in pain. 

“What happened to you, Fanny?” he asked.

 But Fanny did not answer and kept lying down holding her stomach.

“Don’t ask her, I’ll tell you. Ow! It hurts so badly!” said Rentu, as he staggered on his feet, grabbing his tummy.

“I made this pudding today,” Rentu said. “It was so tasty! I was eating it here on my own. Then Fanny came…”

“Then what happened?” prompted Baddy.

“Yes…then…wait…See my condition! I don’t know how long I’ll stay alive,” said Rentu.

“Tell me, what happened!” said Baddy, angrily.

“Yes, I was eating the pudding when Fanny sneaked up behind and pounced on me. I pleaded with her to let me go. But she was very hungry. So she didn’t leave me!”

“And then?” asked Baddy.

“I told her to eat the pudding instead, and let me go. Fanny agreed. Both of us then had the pudding…”

“Then what happened? Why are you grabbing your stomach?” asked Baddy, puzzled and irritated.

“Our stomachs soon started hurting after we ate the pudding. But it looks like Fanny’s in a worse condition. She’s already vomited several times,” said Rentu.

“The pudding… the pudding… must be something in it,” said Fanny, in a
weak voice. 

“Yes, of course! It’s the pudding that caused this. I think it’s poisoned,” said Baddy.

“You are right!” said Rentu. “I think a lizard must have fallen into the pudding. There are many lizards in my house and I think I had kept the pudding on the table without a lid.”

“What?” asked Baddy. “A lizard?” He was disgusted.

“Yes, yes, it must be a lizard,” said Fanny, agreeing with Rentu. “But I can’t bear this pain now. Baddy, you wanted to feast on me anyway. Go ahead, please eat me!” she wailed. 

 “Yes! Even my body is hurting badly,” said Rentu. “Baddy, please eat me first. Then feast on Fanny.” And he started walking towards Baddy.

“No, no, never! I don’t want to die of poisoning! Don’t come anywhere near me!” said Baddy, running away.

Ha! Ha!” Rentu laughed after Baddy had gone. “Look how I made him run away!”

“You’re amazing, Rentu! I thought I was the smart one! But you’re way smarter!” said Fanny, patting his back.

“But we’ve wasted the pudding!” said Rentu, dejectedly.

“Don’t worry about that! Come to my house! I’ll make pudding tomorrow specially for you!” said Fanny.

“OK, but make sure that it’s lizard-free!” said Rentu, teasingly.

Fanny broke into laughter.