Comedy circuit

Froggy: Why did the scientist take out his doorbell?

Cheeku: He wanted to win the no-bell prize!



Jumbo: How will you distribute 8 mangoes between 6 peopel?

Browny Bear: By making a mango milkshake!

Smile With All Your Heart

Cheeku: Can you give me a sentence using the word “gruesome”?

Henry Hen: My mother wanted some carrots. So my father gruesome (grew some).




Damru: Why can’t a bicycle stand up by itself?

Freddy Frog: Because it is ‘two-tired”! (Too tired).



Frantic Antic

Cheeku: Your attendance is very low. I cannot allow you to sit for the exams.

Meeku: Never mind, sir. I will take them standing.




Henry Hen: What does a bicycle call its dad?

Jumpy Monkey: A popsicle! (Pop- cycle).

Tittering Sniggering

Blacky Bear: When is it bad luck to be followed by  a black cat?

Foxy Fox: If you are a mouse.



Henry Hen: Why are there so many types of blood group?

Franky Frog: So that mosquitoes can enjoy different flavours.


Presence of Humour

Foxy Fox: What do you call a bird that stand in a row?

Jumpy Monkey:  A spar-row!




Blacky Bear: If a barrel weighs 10 kilogrammes, what must you add to it to make it 5 kilogrammes?

Jumbo Elephant: Holes?


Amusing Answers

Sher Singh: Is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Blacky Bear: Yes, it is true, provided you have good aim.





Foxy Fox: Meeku, why haven’t written anything in your school notebook? Hasn’t your teacher taught you anything?

Meeku: He has. I take down notes as he writes on the board. But when he erases the board, I too erase my notes.




Uncontrollable Laughter


Cheeku: I am a 5 letter word. Even if you remove 1st, 3rd, and 5th letters and pronounce me, I sound the same. Identify me

Jumbo: Empty





Damru: Cheeku, what is the chemical formula for water?

Cheeku: H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O

Damru: What are you talking about?

Cheeku: Yesterday, you said it was H to O.