Jerry and Ginger

Jerry, the mouse had troubled Ginger, the cat again. Ginger was upset and sitting under a tree.

Seeing her sad, Coco, the parrot asked, “What happened, Ginger?”

“Nothing, I am just tired,” she replied.

“Looks like Jerry troubled you again today,” said Coco.

“Don’t take his name. He is so naughty. One day I will break his bone,” said Ginger angrily.

“For that, you will have to catch him first,” laughed Coco.

“You are making fun of me,” said Ginger, feeling more upset.

“Nothing like that Ginger. I was joking so that your mood becomes better,” Coco explained.

“I don’t know why he troubles me so much,” said a tired Ginger.

Just then Melody, the nightingale, joined them.

“In whose thoughts are you lost Ginger?” asked Melody.

“Why do you want to know?” said Ginger, irritated.

“Tell me. You may feel better,” said Melody

“She is disturbed because of Jerry, the mouse,” said Coco.

“What about Jerry?” asked Melody.

“Nothing about him. But he has been troubling Ginger a lot,” Coco explained. “I have heard of mice being troubled by cats but here it is opposite,” said Melody.

“Can you think of a solution Melody?” Ginger asked.

“I can make you meet someone who may be of help to you,” said Melody.

“Who is that and why will they help me?” asked Ginger, curiously.

“Gogi, the squirrel, can help you,” said Melody.

“Why would she help me?” asked Ginger.

“She had told me Jerry keeps troubling her also. If you want, you can talk to her,” said Melody.

“Will you introduce me to her?”Ginger requested.

“Ok, come with me. I will introduce you to her,” said Melody as she flew to Gogi’s place.

Gogi was wandering around. Melody called out to her, “Gogi, come here. I want you to meet a friend of mine. Remember, you once told me how Jerry, the mouse, troubles you? My friend Ginger is also very troubled by him,” said Melody.

She then introduced Gogi to Ginger and told the entire matter. Ginger and Gogi started talking to each other.

Ginger asked Gogi, “How did Jerry trouble you?”

“Jerry would forcefully take away the food which I collected and kept,” said Gogi.

“And you could not stop him?” asked Ginger.

“Jerry would not listen. He would say he is stronger and just snatch my food. I am very angry with him,” said Gogi sadly.

“If you help me, I will teach him a lesson,” said Ginger.

“How can I help you?” asked Gogi.

“You will have to constantly keep an eye on him. I will then be able to catch him, know where he is,” said Ginger.

“Ok. I will start today itself,” said Gogi and left. Gogi was looking for food and did not see Jerry the whole day. In the evening, she saw him near a bush.

Gogi went there and seeing her, Jerry asked, “How are you Gogi?” Usually, Gogi would not answer, but today she replied, “I am very good. What are you doing here at this time?”

“I came for a walk and saw you. You are late in getting back home today,” said Jerry.

“I am just going back,” said Gogi.

Jerry started laughing “You look very happy,” said Gogi.

“Nothing, I remembered something,” Jerry said and left.

Gogi suspected that Jerry was laughing on her.ginger-and-jerry
“Does he know I am spying on him?” Gogi thought to herself.

For a week, Gogi and Jerry met at the same spot. Gogi had told this to Ginger.

Ginger planned to catch him there, like every day, Jerry was out for a walk. Ginger sat hiding behind a tree. As planned, Gogi engaged Jerry in her talks.

While he was listening carefully to her, Jerry sat on a thin dried branch. Ginger thought it would be the right time to attack Jerry. She did not look around and jumped on him with all her might.

But Jerry was too quick for her and jumped away from the branch when he saw Ginger leap. The branch bent under Ginger’s weight.

As Ginger tried to move up, the branch sprang back and hit her on the face. She was hurt. Her nose swelled up. Jerry had escaped once again.

Gogi came by and was surprised to see Ginger’s swollen nose. “What happened Ginger?” asked Gogi.

“That naughty rat fooled me. You were a spying on him for so many days, didn’t you see that he was planning to trick me?”

“I really didn’t know. He did not do it in front of me,” said Gogi.

“He knew about you spying and you did not!” said Ginger.

“You are right,” said Gogi and left. She had understood the secret behind Jerry’s laughter that day.

Gogi broke her friendship with Ginger forever. Jerry had the last laugh on both of them.