Freelance Illustrators

Champak, India’s largest read children’s magazine invites illustrations for short stories for children between 5-11 years old. The illustrations should be child-centric, engaging, vibrant, and relatable. Here are some points that make illustrations fascinating for children:

  • Vivid Imagination: Illustrations should transport children to a world of imagination and wonder. Create scenes and characters that are enchanting and dreamlike, encouraging kids to explore the story’s universe.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate hidden details or interactive elements within the illustrations. These can be like visual Easter eggs that pique children’s curiosity and encourage them to study the images closely.
  • Expressive Characters: Characters should have clear and expressive faces that convey emotions effectively. Children should easily connect with and understand the characters’ feelings and experiences.
  • Engaging Visual Storytelling: Illustrations should tell a story within the story. They should depict key moments or turning points, building anticipation and excitement as children progress through the narrative.
  •  Consistent Style: While each illustration may be different for different stories, it’s essential to maintain a consistent artistic style for the story.
  • Dynamic Composition: Use dynamic angles, perspectives, and compositions to create a sense of movement and action in the illustrations. This keeps the visuals lively and engaging.
  • Rich Colour Palette: Vibrant and well-chosen colours enhance the visual appeal of the illustrations. Different stories may have their own colour schemes to match their themes.
  • Age-Appropriate Details: Pay attention to the fine details that are relevant to the age group. For example, include items or elements that resonate with the interests and experiences of children aged 5-11.
  • Surprise and Humour: Inject elements of surprise and humour into the illustrations. Children love to discover unexpected or funny elements that add an extra layer of delight.
  • Embrace Variety: Given that Champak carries multiple stories per issue, it’s important to offer a variety of illustration styles and themes to cater to different interests and reading levels within the target age group.
  • Alignment with Story: The illustrations should help children understand and engage with the plot.
  • Technical Requirements: Irrespective of the medium (watercolour/poster/hand-drawn/digital), illustrations need to be in a high-resolution digital format in CMYK, with organised layers, to be used in print magazine and on the website.

Remember that the goal of these illustrations is not just to complement the stories but to make the reading experience in Champak memorable and enjoyable. Each illustration should add value to the reader’s engagement with the content, whether by sparking their imagination, evoking emotions, or simply making them smile.

Please apply to with subject line “Freelance Illustrator”