Damru started working at Gina fox's house!
Damru started working with Rehan fox!
Damru has started working with Boldy bear at his flour mill!
Damru started working for Robin giraffe who is a bussinessman!
Damru started working with Roxy fox at her sanitiser shop!
Damru starts working with Foxy fox, a healthy businessman!
Damru started working with Jiyaan Camel at his dairy!
Damru started working with Shanky Monkey, editor of the forest newspaper
Damru was now working under Motu, the elephant, a school teacher.
damru and cinema hall
Damru caused yet another trouble, this time in the cinema hall though.
Damru landed a job, under Rini, thew wolf, who was a dietitian
Damru comics
Damru now had a job at Dr. Nancy, the fox's clinic. He observed Dr. Nancy treating her patients all day long.
This time Damru Donkey got a job at stingy Raxy Vixen's place. Raxy used to argue with everybody to save even one penny.
Damru went to Goa with Chintu, the bear. He is amazed how the camera works and wants to get clicked. Will he be able to get some memorable pictures?
Damru has assured that he will handle everything at his boss Roxy's party. But something went wrong with air conditioner. Read more to find out what happens next.
Damru had now landed a job at Chinti, the Bear's house.
Damru has started working under Nandu, Elephant, a suit expert!
Damru had landed a job at with Cheeni, the fox.
Damru got a job at Pinki fox's house.
This time Damru got a job at Bira, the bull's restaurant.
Damru had just started working for Cheeni, the cat. They were in the kitchen when...
Damru had just started assisting Chef Kuku, the elephant. Kuku was the best chef in Champakvan and also had an orchard.
Damru Donkey got a job at herbalist and natural medicine specialist Tinny Cat.
Damru found a job at Lambu, the giraffe’s place. Lambu was filling water in the air cooler.
Damru got a job at Gina the fox's house.
Damru holi
Somu donkey worked for Champu monkey. The collector of Champakvan.
Damru was working with Golu Panda's home.
This time Damru got a job at Champy Giraffe's house.
Damru was working at Chinku rabbit’s house.
Damru comics
This time Damru got a job at Jumpy Moneky's house.