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Celebrating India
An edition for every young Indian’s library, this book is for every child who wants to understand India through feelings and emotions, one story at a time! Read more
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Celebrating India: Stories that Shaped Our Nation (1947 and Beyond) gives children an informed idea of India’s independence struggle through stories of freedom, our founding fathers, festivals, and more. It makes them understand how they are a part of India’s independence.

The book is divided into four parts:

  • Freedom, Independence, and Democracy Stories and puzzles explain to children the universal ideas of equality, freedom, patriotism, constitution, elections, the right to be heard, and free speech.

Prompts children to think about why freedom is essential and what is meant by free speech.

  • From Mohandas to Mahatma Dedicated to the father of the nation that is Mahatma Gandhi, and how his vision shaped India’s Independence struggle.

Discover the magic of small acts done by Gandhi, that lead to a sea of change in our nation’s history.

  • The Struggle Stories Highlight the lives of our freedom fighters and the shapers of Modern India whose contribution was no less to the freedom movement. 

Read about those incidents that shook our leaders when they were children and these challenges then shaped them into the freedom fighters they became.

  • A Pledge This section is all about celebrating the values of fraternity, diversity, brotherhood, festivals, and the need to take India forward. 

When we live together, and make space for each other, we grow as a nation. Embracing the diversity of India and raising our voices for a purpose. 

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