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Champak (Tamil)
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A legacy that keeps growing

First published in 1968, Champak has touched a million Indian lives and continues to do so even today through its carefully-crafted content for children. With stories on adventure, mystery, environment and so much more, Champak inculcates a habit of reading among children and can be an excellent reading companion.

Our curated content engages kids to grow inquisitive about their surroundings. It aids in the all-round development of children. It broadens their minds to new possibilities and gives them the ability to question, stay curious and learn.

The Sensitive, Inclusive, Humourous, and Loving World of Champakvan

The Champakvan characters welcome children into a world of their own. Through stories and comics, children are encouraged to develop empathy and get an understanding of the world they live in. Stories on diversity create awareness in the minds of the young ones. Stories depicting love for animals, friends and family, reminds children that they are not alone. Children are treated to puzzles, activities and stories that incite humour, bringing out the fun in familiar situations.

Creativity and Fun

Every issue comes packed with stories on adventure, humour, mischief and jokes. Children get to explore new relatable topics, explore fascinating subjects and have a hearty laugh. A Champak magazine subscription will bring kids oodles of craft activities, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, stories, no-flame recipes that are engaging, entertaining and educational. Champak also invites kids to share their artwork, poems, jokes and stories and gives them a platform to show their creative side.

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