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Do you like to gift subscription to your loved ones?
Jumpy the Monkey
24 handpicked stories of someone who loves himself and thinks he can do nothing wrong. Is he your favourite Champakvan character? Read more
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Mischief comes easily to Jumpy, but he sulks easily when someone makes a fool of him. Always on the lookout for an adventure, his world is full of laughter, mischief, ego, and friendship. Jumpy makes us love the curious beings we are, but also cautions us not to be boastful for that could land us in a soup!

Stories in Champak are set in a unique forest, Champakvan. Champak is an evergreen fragrant tree, and van means forest. Great adventure lies on every page, waiting to take children on a wild and exciting ride. Everyone in this forest treats others with respect, kindness, and sensitivity, and most importantly—they value friendship.

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