Choose the odd one among the pollution causes listed!
Circle the food items that do not form a part of the festival.
Pick out three odd items in this hockey field.
Which of the food items which are not considered a part of traditional Onam meal?
Four pairs of friendship bands are identical. Circle the odd one!
Help Papa Tiger in matching the cubs whose stripes match each others!
Help Damru donkey match all the keys to their pairs and find the odd key!
Help Ananya pick out the things in her house, which affect the environment!
odd one out
Tick the odd one out in each row.
Odd one out
In the given picture, circle those things that grow on trees. Cross out the things that “DO NOT” grow on trees.
Odd one out
Rehan is learning about different classes of animals. Help him by circling the wrong animal in each group.
Odd one out
Help Priya pack her bag for her exams. Circle the things that she doesn't need to put in the bag.
Kishor, the farmer uses many things on his farm. Cross out the thing that does not belong to the category.
One vegetable on each shelf does not belong with the rest.
Which kite does not have a pair?
Can you find the odd one out in this tree-themed puzzle?