Celebrate World Post Day by completing this picture!
Help Ravi, the postman deliver the post from the postbox to the house.
Circle the food items that do not form a part of the festival.
Help Rahul place the book he is holding in the right shelf based on its genre!
Help Tobby tiger and his brothers reach their parents.
Pick out three odd items in this hockey field.
Help Ellie elephant meet her friends at the lake!
Celebrate Independence Day by completing this picture!
Help the Champakvan animals find the lost banners on Independence Day.
Become an explorer and complete this picture!
In the maze below, help the player score a goal!
Which of the food items which are not considered a part of traditional Onam meal?
Help Aryan guide the lost old man to his home with the help of some clues!
Four pairs of friendship bands are identical. Circle the odd one!
Help Papa Tiger in matching the cubs whose stripes match each others!
Match the teenager to the skill they want to pursue!
Enjoy this chocolate waterfall with Melissa and Neil!
Find out which mangoes are Khushi's favorites by deciphering the clues!
Celebrated on July 26! Match the badges to their respective titles.
Help Meenu deliver justice to this man who has committed a crime!
Help Bhola bear and his friends find 10 cricket bats!
Help Damru donkey match all the keys to their pairs and find the odd key!
Help Ansh and his family find some missing monsoon items!
Look at the picture, complete it and then colour it!
Roni has decided to go cycling to school. Help him reach school.
Neha needs to score a goal to win the match. Guide her ball to the goalpost!
Help Sahil find people who can donate blood with the help of some hints.
Help Razia and Rehman find 13 hidden bowls of kheer in their room for EID!
Some things in this picture are not right. Can you find out what they are?
Enjoy this fun yoga class with your pet dog!
puzzles for kids
Circle 10 differences you can find between the pictures
Many adults are crippled with indecision when faced with difficult choices. Others, worse yet,
Moti was looking for a place to sleep. Read more to know what followed when he slept inside a drum.