Spot the difference
Find out how many differences are there between these two pictures.
That's not right
Find 15 wrong things in the cricket match.
Find the picture
Spot the things mentioned in the below rhyme.
Put the animals in order based on the timeline of their extinction.
spot the difference
Circle 10 difference you can find between the two pictures.
find the picture
Pranav’s exams are coming up. With the help of his calendar, identify the subjects he has to study for and help him find the related textbooks in his room.
Hidden picture
There are 7 sets of blueprints hidden on this construction site. Can you find them all?
The story has been written with words and pictures. Can you read it?
map quest
Radha is at her school's science lab and she needs to find the right combination of chemicals to perform her experiment. Which table has the right combination of chemicals and equipment with the help of the clues given below:
Hidden picture
A group of explorers arrive at an ancient ruin where mischievous monkeys have ransacked their bags. Help them find their things which are listed below.
Solve it
Help Shweta complete her Geography homework. Fill each blank with the correct options given on the right.
complete the picture
Parts of this image have been left blank. Look at the picture, complete it and then colour it.
Dot to Dot
Join the dots to find out what the ants are carrying.
map quest
The flight is about to take off but one passenger is yet to board. Help the airline staff identify the passenger using the clues given below.
solve it
Who broke into the bakery? Help Inspector Daboo in identifying the burglar among the five suspects using the photos and clues from the crime scene.
Help the rescue ship find its way to the island.
Join the dots to find out what Baddy fox is up to.
Find the picture
The mysterious building is hiding a lot of things. Let's discover them together.
Tiger Cat has lost his way. Help him to get out the maze to reach home safely.
Champakvan gang's New Year party is full of joy and happiness. Help the gang to find the hidden things.
find 2019
The numbers are having a New Year party! Help the number 9 get to his friends 2,0, and 1, across the room by finding his way through the number chain.
Observe the picture for a minute, cover it and try answering the questions given in the box.
bee sequencing
Little bee has received the following lessons from grandpa bee on the process of making honey. Help her by numbering the notes in the correct order.
Kishor, the farmer uses many things on his farm. Cross out the thing that does not belong to the category.
Help Karan choose the right thread to light each cracker.
Help Meeku mouse find the treasure's location as marked on the map.
Help Jumpy and Baddy reach their homes while avoiding each other.
Help Amir find his 8 missing marbles.
How many cupcakes has Shreya baked?
Help Manu place flags on the food to indicate the country of their origin.
puzzles for kids
Circle 10 differences you can find between the pictures
12 years Andhra Pradesh
Kids Submission
Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.