Celebrate World Wetlands Day by finding the listed animals!
February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Find 10 hearts in the picture below.
Help Mona find the 10 roses which are hidden in her room!
Help Roshni and her friends find all the hidden decorations to celebrate this New Year!
Celebrate Christmas by finding 10 differences in these pictures!
Lead Santa Claus to the bag of gifts and then, to Rahul’s house!
Celebrate Christmas by completing this picture!
Preparation for a white Christmas are in full swing. Find 10 snowflakes hidden in the picture!
Help Simran find the missing 10 pieces to complete her puzzle!
Help Sara and her friends find 10 blueberry muffins hidden in the shop.
Can you find 10 hidden televisions in this image?
Help children find the 11 letters in 'CHACHA NEHRU' and celebrate Children's Day!
Let's celebrate Diwali by finding 10 hidden diyas in this picture!
Find 10 of Gandhiji's iconic glasses that are hidden in the museum!
Find 10 hidden coconuts and celebrate the World Coconut Day!
Help the kids find the following missing items from the first aid box!
Find the 10 friendship bands that Janvi has hidden in the garden!
Observe the Independence Day celebration and answer the questions!
Neha needs to score a goal to win the match. Guide her ball to the goalpost!
Look at the picture and answer the questions. 
Neel feeds Dharma cow, while Kishu and Hiya sparrows enjoy the day!
Identify the picture and tick the right word option!
Help Reema find all her missing athletics gear!
Chila bear helps her Mama bear in the kitchen!
Peeku bird has to reach her nest. Help her!
Join the dots according to the numbers and complete the picture!
Some things in this picnic are not right. Can you find out what they are?
Circle the nurse that is different and find a matching pair!
Jumpy monkey is plucking bananas while enjoying a ride on Jumbo's back!
Find 10 mangoes in the picture.
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Circle 10 differences you can find between the pictures
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Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.