Can you identify and match the teeth and tails to the respective animals?
Match the elephants with their shadows on World Elephant Day!
Join the dots and find out what Vansh is making.
Celebrate Rakshabandhan by answering the following questions!
Celebrate World First Aid Day on September 14 with Vivaan.
Which of the food items which are not considered a part of traditional Onam meal?
Find 10 polaroids hidden in various places of the photo lab.
Help Rohan reach Ashok while meeting all his friends along the way!
Four pairs of friendship bands are identical. Circle the odd one!
Join the dots and find out what this tiger fears!
Help Papa Tiger in matching the cubs whose stripes match each others!
Help Tami tiger find her cub who is lost in the forest.
Match the teenager to the skill they want to pursue!
Observe the picture for a minute and try answering the questions given in the box.
Join the dots and find out who these giggling animals are!
Identify all the fruits we enjoy during the monsoon season!
Celebrated on July 26! Match the badges to their respective titles.
Help Blacky bear find a pair of boots that he has misplaced in the forest!
Celebrate Doctor's Day by matching the images to the Doctor's profession!
Observe the picture and answer the following questions!
Help Bhola bear and his friends find 10 cricket bats!
Help the lost Flubber fish reach her friends!
Celebrate World UFO Day by answer the following questions!
Celebrate World Population Day by solving this puzzle!
Help Damru donkey match all the keys to their pairs and find the odd key!
Arrange the scenes to know how was Nisha's first day of e-school!
Enjoy a forest trail with Frooty fox and Brian bear!
Find as many words as you can from this word search!
Help Fuzzy fish reach her school!
Find out more about Zoonoses, an infectious disease!
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Circle 10 differences you can find between the pictures
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Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.