You will need:

  • Coloured chart papers
  • Scissor
  • Glue

1. Cut 14 circles from the coloured chart papers. Fold the circles in half.

2. On a long rectangular white sheet, glue the folded circles near each other.

3. Take a thick strip of chart paper and cut fringes on one side as shown.

4. Stick the fringes at the bottom of the white sheet.

5. Roll the white sheet into a cylinder and secure it with glue. Your base of the lantern is ready.

Pencil-Shaped Box!

Make a pencil box at home to store all your stationery!

You will need:

Pink and white chart papers, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, black marker

How to make:

1. On a white chart paper, draw a rectangle measuring 18x16cms. Divide the rectangle into one row and 6 columns measuring 3cm each.

2. Draw 6 triangles over the columns.

3. Draw a horizontal strip on one side of the rectangle and semi-circles on the triangles. Your template is ready.

4. Cut on the lines and fold the semi-circle flaps inwards.

5. Apply glue on these flaps and the horizontal strip to secure the body of the pencil.

6. On a pink chart paper, draw two parallel lines measuring 18cm. Divide the lines into 6 parts of 3cm each. On this line, draw a hexagon with each side measuring 3cms. Draw a thick border around the 5 sides of the hexagon.

8. Cut the template and fold the hexagon forward. Fold the 5 segments on the thick band.

9. Fold the 5 flaps inwards and glue the segments to them. This is the cover of the pencil box.

10. Use a black marker to decorate the pencil.