Chess Set

It’s World Chess Day on July 20 – make your own chessboard and chess pieces to celebrate!

You will need: Black paper, white paper, scale, scissors, cutter, pencil and glue

How to make: 

1. Draw a border on the white square sheet and divide it into eight equal parts.

2. Similarly, divide the black chart paper into eight equal parts without a border and cut the strips.

3. Slit the white paper and weave the black strips on it like a mat.

4. Glue the edges. The chess board is ready.

5. For the pieces, cut strips of white paper and roll it.

6. For the king, roll a square and glue the ends. Cut two diamond shapes and glue them as shown.

7. For the queen, roll a square.

8. For the bishop, roll a long triangle, as shown.

9. For the knight, roll a wide triangle, as shown.

10. For the rook, roll a hexagon.

11. For the pawn, roll a square. Make white and black chess pieces.

There you go, your game is ready!