Find 10 of Gandhiji's iconic glasses that are hidden in the museum!
Find 10 hidden coconuts and celebrate the World Coconut Day!
Help the kids find the following missing items from the first aid box!
Help the Champakvan animals find the lost banners on Independence Day.
Find the 10 friendship bands that Janvi has hidden in the garden!
Find 10 polaroids hidden in various places of the photo lab.
Help Bhola bear and his friends find 10 cricket bats!
Help Sakshi and her parents find the supplies for her E-School!
Help Ansh and his family find some missing monsoon items!
Help Razia and Rehman find 13 hidden bowls of kheer in their room for EID!
Help Maya and Krish find the missing pieces of their board games!
Help Roop and her father find 10 milk bottles that are hidden in the picture!
Help Reema find all her missing athletics gear!
Find 10 mangoes in the picture.
find the compasses
There are 10 compasses hidden in this scene. Can you find them?
Packed in this busy market is an umbrella, the letter M, a rope, a sleeping cat, tomatoes, a cartoon of milk, a giant egg, a box of laddoos, and a basket of flowers. How many can you find?
Hidden Picture
There are seven different summer treats hidden in this picture. Can you find them before the sun gets to them?
Find the Picture
Guess which outdoor games these kids are playing. Write the names in the spaces given below.
hidden picture
Help Ram, the gardener to find his misplaced garden tools. There should be five of them.
hidden picture
Ricky, the cook, is making a milkshake, but he has to find the milk, ice-cream, sugar and strawberries. Look around the kitchen to spot the correct ingredients.
Akash looks so happy! He is reaching the shore after a long trip! He has brought lots of bananas. See if you can find sixteen bananas throughout the picture below.
Find the picture
Spot the things mentioned in the below rhyme.
Cheeku has arrived to play Holi in Champakvan garden but wait! Cheeku has to find out which colour is present in each bucket.
Find the Picture
Spring is here and the squirrels are busy gathering strawberries. Can you help them find the 12 strawberries that are hidden in this scene?
find the picture
There are 5 open taps in this picture. Can you find them all to turn them off before any water can be wasted?
find the picture
Pranav’s exams are coming up. With the help of his calendar, identify the subjects he has to study for and help him find the related textbooks in his room.
Hidden picture
There are 7 sets of blueprints hidden on this construction site. Can you find them all?
Hidden picture
A group of explorers arrive at an ancient ruin where mischievous monkeys have ransacked their bags. Help them find their things which are listed below.
Hidden picture
Staying neat and clean is a great way to stay healthy, find at least 6 things on this page that can help you to stay neat and clean.
hidden picture
Count the numbers of squares, circles and triangles in this picture.