Peeku bird has to reach her nest. Help her!
space puzzle
A team of scientists from ISRO has launched a rocket to Mars. Help the scientists control the rocket through the space maze.
Ballon Maze
Naman wants to play Holi with his friends. Fill the round balloons and find a way to his friends.
Help the traveller reach the tent while avoiding the cactus plants and rattle snakes along the way.
Help the mother spider reach her baby through the spider web.
Maze runner
Help this garden snail catch up with her friends who are in the garden.
maze runner
Rahul has been separated from his mother in the mall. She is on the ground floor while he is on the top floor. Help Rahul find his way down using the escalators that are marked going down or the flight of stairs.
Help the rescue ship find its way to the island.
Tiger Cat has lost his way. Help him to get out the maze to reach home safely.
pumpkin trouble
Mr. Pot is stuck in Scary Pumpkin's corner who will break him into pieces.
find 2019
The numbers are having a New Year party! Help the number 9 get to his friends 2,0, and 1, across the room by finding his way through the number chain.
Help Roshan collect all the coins to unlock the key to the escape door. Hurry!
Help Karan choose the right thread to light each cracker.
puzzles for kids
Which of these young photographers will reach the beautiful toucan to click its photo?
kids puzzle games
Natasha is at the National Museum. She wants to see all the three star exhibits: the life-size Rajasaurus display, Mahatma Gandhi’s diary and the crown of an Indian emperor. Help her find the way through the maze to the exit.
kids puzzle games
Which of these young photographers will reach the beautiful toucan to click its photo?
kids puzzle games
The astronaut is lost in space. Help him find his way to his rocket.
Help the scientists in the underwater vehicle reach the Mariana trench.
Help Jumpy and Baddy reach their homes while avoiding each other.
Help the tea picker reach the tea factory located on the other side of the plantation.
As part of the Halloween tradition, Anita is dressed up and going around the neighbourhood to collect treats.
Help the pilot navigate the plane to its destination marked on the radar by avoiding the enemy planes.
Roshan and Shreya are helping build a toilet for their school. Help them reach the school after collecting all the materials required along the way. Try completing the task without crossing or repeating the path.
Help the fire engine reach the building that is on fire.
Help freedom fighter Gangadhar reach Gandhiji and the others taking part in the Salt March to protest against the salt tax imposed by the British. He has to avoid the British officers along the way.
Help the rabbit find its way to the carrots.
Help the baby dinosaur find its way to its mother.
Cheeku and Meeku have a fun encounter with a Sage!
Champakvan animals learn about the virus that has affected all mankind!
Charlie learns an important lesson about talking too much!