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Doctor Dunky Donkey was very sad. No patient would come to his hospital now. The reason was that whatever operations Dunky had done, had all been unsuccessful. Now all the animals had started calling Dunky as Dangerous Doctor.

One day Doctor Dunky was relaxing in his hospital. He thought, ‘No patient came today too. All animals think I am a dangerous doctor. Now I will have to do something else so that patients come to my hospital.’

Thinking so, Doctor Dunky went out in search of patients. All of a sudden, he heard a cry of pain from behind the bushes, “Meow…meow…somebody help me.”

“Who’s that? Catty, is it you?” Seeing Catty Cat writhing in pain, Dunky asked, “What happened, Catty? It seems you are sick. Tell me, I am a doctor. I have treatment of all diseases.”

Catty thought for a while, ‘If I go to Dunky’s hospital, I will die of his wrong treatment and if I don’t go, I will die of pain. What should I do now? There is no hospital nearby. I have no choice but to go to this dangerous doctor.’

Catty screamed in pain and said, “Doctor, I was running behind Chunchun Rat. I was just going to catch him that all of a sudden he jumped into my open mouth and reached my stomach. Doctor, please do something. Take out that rat from my stomach.”

The doctor was very pleased to hear Catty’s story. He thought, ‘I have to prove myself to be a good doctor this time.’

Then Doctor and Catty quickly went to the hospital.

The Doctor got engaged in the operation. Many animals gathered together in front of the hospital.dangerous-doctor

“Now Catty’s life is really in danger,” One animal said.

Doctor Dunky operated Catty with trembling hands and took out Chunchun alive. Then he put stitches on Catty’s stomach.

After that Doctor Dunky came out and happily told everyone, “My operation was successful.”

Oh, Catty is alive. This is a miracle.”

Everyone was surprised. “Wow, Doctor, you have done a good operation.”

Dunky was overjoyed. He started thinking, ‘Now many patients will come to my hospital. I will keep busy. Hahaha…’

But Dunky’s happiness couldn’t stay for many days. The next day itself Catty Cat came back with the complaint of stomach pain, “Oh Doctor, what did you do to my stomach?”

Then all animals together took Catty to Doctor Sheru Lion’s hospital in Champakvan.

When Sheru operated Catty, he found a scissor in her stomach.

Actually, Doctor Dunky had carelessly left the scissor in Catty’s stomach during the operation. That is why Catty’s stomach was paining so much.

When other animals came to know about Dunky’s blunder, they pelted his hospital with stones and shouted, “Dunky, close your hospital. You are not fit to be a doctor.” Humiliated, Dunky lowered his head and went to Dighu Dog.