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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Bhanku bear delivered milk in Gopavan forest. Every morning, he would wake up early and deliver milk to all the forest dwellers.

Like every day, he reached Moosram mouse’s house to deliver milk. “Moosram ji, it’s me, with your supply of milk!” he called, knocking at the door.

While Bhanku waited for Moosram to open the door, he heard some strange sounds coming inside the house. When the door opened, Bhanku saw a cat at Moosram’s door with a pan in her hand!

“How on earth is a cat here?” thought Bhanku to himself.

He smelled something fishy. “Who are you and what are you doing here in Moosram’s home?” he asked the cat.

“Uh…Mmm…I… I am his relative,” murmured the cat.

“What!” said a startled Bhanku. “How could a cat be the relative of a mouse?” he questioned.

The cat quickly tried correcting herself! “I am not his relative. I am his friend’s relative,” she said.

“Fine!” said Bhanku and thought for a moment. “Where is Moosram? Please call him out for a moment,” he said after some thought.

“He has gone out for some work. He asked me to take the milk from you,” said the cat, extending the milk pan towards Bhanku.

“Is that so? Fine then!” said Bhanku and poured the milk into the pan half-heartedly.

Just then he heard a voice from inside, “No Bhanku! Don’t give her the milk”. It was Moosram’s voice!

“She is a liar! She burried me inside my burrow. Thankfully I dug out another hole and came out. She is my enemy and not my relative. She has been chasing me and wants to eat me up,” shouted Moosram. “Please call the police!” he said gasping as he was now out of his confines.

Hearing this, Bhanku was shocked.

Now that the truth was out, the furious cat flung the milk pan on Moosram.

Moosram ran inside his burrow, managing somehow to save his life. “Bhanku ji, save me!” he screamed from his burrow.

Meanwhile, Bhanku gathered his courage and had acted wisely. He parked his milk-cart at the roadside and rang the police station.

After receiving information about the fraudulent cat, two police cars arrived at Moosram’s house immediately.


Seeing the police force, the cat jumped out of her skin. She fled as fast as she could and never returned to Gopavan again.