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“Look, it’s better that you don’t argue with me. Don’t you know where I stand and where you do? You are not even equal to me,” said the mirror stubbornly to the door.

“Too much pride is not good for you. Let’s work as a team to give this house its look and beauty,” said the door to the mirror in a good-natured way.

“Sorry, what did you say? It’s only because of my beauty that this house is filled with grace. Your work is only to open and close, but the beauty of the house is because of its mirror,” said the mirror, putting the door in its place.

Fights between the mirror and the door would go on day in and day out. The mirror was full of pride as he was always shining. The house staff cleaned the mirror every day very carefully, and they did not allow any dust to gather on it. And due to this, the mirror remained quite proud and kept arguing all the time with the door.

The mirror’s pride kept increasing with every passing day.

Eventually, the mirror would only open its mouth to fight with the door.

One day in the house there was a small party going on and some of the guests had come to Mrs. Gupta’s house.

One of her friends complimented her and said, “Mrs. Gupta your mirror is shining and spotless. How do you keep the mirror so clean?”

Mrs. Gupta smiled and thanked them.

Hearing this, the mirror swelled with pride.

The mirror taunted and said to the door, “Look how everybody is talking about
my beauty and nobody is even asking about you!”

The door started to cry as it couldn’t say anything in reply.

When the seasons changed, everyone was happy with the onset of the winters. But one day, a thunderstorm arrived. Sonu, the younger son, opened the front door and went to play in the park without closing the door behind him. The door started to open and close because of the strong wind and before someone could shut it, the door banged shut by itself.

The impact of this loud thud caused the mirror on the wall to fall and it cracked and broke into several small pieces.

“What have you done?” the mirror screamed in pain.

“I did not do anything; I shut all by myself as a result of the thunderstorm. Please forgive me, it’s not my fault,” said the door as he looked at the mirror.

Tears started rolling down from the mirror’s eyes. The mirror had finally realised its mistake.

The thunderstorm had stopped, but the mirror, who was so proud of its beauty, was gone for good.