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Sundarvan forest was home to Bittoo goat, Honey deer, Bosco stag, and Danny donkey. They were very good friends, who studied and played together.

Sundari river flowed through Sundarvan. There was an island in the middle of the river and all animals would go there for a picnic.

The next day being a holiday, Honey said, “Let’s go for a picnic on the island tomorrow?” “Yes, that’s a great idea. We will carry food and toys to play with. It will be a wonderful trip. We will leave early in the morning and come home by evening,” replied Bitto.

“But how will we go to the island?’’ asked Danny.

“I can ask Uncle Bholu, who has a boat, if he can drop us to the island. He rows passengers on the river and returns home by four. So, he can pick us from the island at around the same time,” suggested Honey.

“That’s great! I will bring some fresh leaves, fruits and vegetables to eat on the island,’’ said an excited Danny.

“Will you please stop your blabbering? You want to ruin our day out by making us eat all the same boring greens!” said Bittoo.

“Donkeys do blabber,’’ said Bosco making fun of Danny.

Bosco, Honey and Bittoo would often tease Danny about him being a donkey but Danny would laugh it out.

“I will buy some samosas and kachoris with some chutney from Pyarelal’s sweet shop and bring with me,” said Bittoo.

“I will bring pizza, burger and cold drinks with me,” said Honey, not to be left behind.

“Then I will bring some gulab jamuns and noodles,” said Bosco before anyone else could speak.

“None of you have left any option for me to bring something. What shall I get?’’ asked Danny.

“Get some toys and outdoor games we can play” said Bittoo.

The next day, all four of them reached the bank of the river along with their bags. Uncle Bholu took them in his boat and dropped them on the island. He told them that he would meet them at 4 o’clock at the same spot. They all went for a walk on the island, and while enjoying the walk, suddenly Bosco felt hungry.

He said, “Bittoo, please pass me the samosas and kachoris; I am very hungry. Lets eat and then we can play.’’

“Danny carried badminton racquets and Ludo sets to play,’’ answered Bittoo.

“Weren’t you supposed to bring samosas and kachoris from Pyarelal’s sweet shop? asked Bosco”

“Yes. But Danny came to my house yesterday. He said that his grandma makes very tasty samosas and kachoris and that, he would bring them for us today. So, I got these for us to play ,” said Bittoo.

“Forget about the samosas. I want to eat the pizza and burger. Honey, please pass them to me.” said Bosco.

“But I got cricket and chess set for us. Yesterday, Danny came home and said that he would get the pizza and burger and instead, I should get these playsets,’’ replied Honey.

“Bosco, now don’t you tell us that you didn’t get the gulab jamuns and noodles, as well!’’ laughed Bittoo.

“I didn’t got the football and Frisbee set!’’ said Bosco innocently.

“So, did Danny get all the food on behalf of all of us?” asked Honey.

“I got food for all of us.’’ said Danny and opened his bag. It was filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables and fresh leaves.

“Why did you get all of this? Where are the samosas, kachoris, gulab jamuns and noodles?” cried a hungry Bosco. “Friends, I am a donkey. So, blabbering is my habit,” said Danny. “You will feel good after eating these greens rather than having all that junk food from the stores.

“We don’t want to eat the greens,’’ said an angry Bittoo. Bosco, Honey and Bittoo left from there in a fury to play.

“Okay buddies! I am feeling very hungry. I will eat something first.” said Danny.

Danny started munching on the carrots, apples, corn cobs and fresh leaves. Seeing him munch, the others felt hungry as well. But they were full of anger and continued playing.

After about two hours everyone was tired. They could not control their hunger any longer. So they sat down to eat the same greens that Danny had brought.

Time passed quickly and soon it was 4 pm and Uncle Bholu came to pick them.

All of them got into the boat. Bosco said, “We did really play a lot today, without taking any rest. But I don’t feel tired. Instead, I feel quite fresh.”

“That is because of the fresh food that we ate,” answered Danny. “Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins. They give us a lot of energy and strength. They help in digestion too. The junk food that we eat deposits a lot of carbohydrates, fat and sugars into our body. That makes us obese and we get tired easily.” said Danny.

“How do you know all this?” asked Honey.

“My mother taught me about it. Earlier I too used to ask her for junk food. But now, I only have fresh greens and fruits.
I feel fit, energetic and healthy every day.” said Danny.

“Danny is right! Sometimes, I have a stomach ache when I eat a burger or noodles,” said Honey.

“I also feel sick after eating too many samosas,” said Bittoo.

“We have all returned healthy and happy from the picnic. Good that we ate fresh food and nothing happened with us. Otherwise, our picnic would have been ruined.’’ said Bittoo.

“Whatever it is, Danny turned all of us into a donkey today!’’ shouted all three of them and laughed.