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Shantivan, was a beautiful forest. All the birds and animals lived peacefully and followed the law of the jungle.

One day, Fullu fox from Rock hills came to Shantivan. He had lost his way while hunting and unknowingly entered Shantivan.

Gillan giraffe, on seeing Fullu asked him, “Who are you and where have you come from?”

“I am Fullu fox, from the faraway Rock hills. I lost my way while hunting and,
I am exhausted and hungry,” cried Fullu fox.

“Oh, please don’t cry! You have come to one of the best forests. We are famous for our love and kindness,” said Gillan giraffe, consoling Fullu fox.

Gillan took Fullu to the animal colony. From his conversation with Gillan, Fullu realized innocent animals and birds lived here. He thought that he would be able to fool them and eat good food without any struggle. Gillan wasn’t aware that he was taking a cheater with him.

Seeing Fullu, little rabbits and monkeys got scared and hid behind their parents. Doves and parrots also screeched. Hearing the chaos, Sambhu elephant, Mottu monkey, Bunny bear and Nicy peacock, the elders of the forest, came out.

“Please meet, Fullu fox. He lost his way from Rock Hill and reached our forest. He is hungry and exhausted. He won’t do us any harm. Let us welcome him as our guest, for a few days,” said Gillan.

Seeing everyone, Fullu started sobbing for gaining their sympathy.

“We respect Gillan’s decision. Fullu will stay as our guest till he wishes,” agreed Sambhu elephant.

Bunny bear’s little son Teddy, welcomed Fullu with a jar of sweet honey. Nicy peacock put a garland around Fullu. Sweety deer and Rinki rabbit gave him lots of fruits and nuts. While drinking the sweet honey, Fullu looked greedily at all the fat rabbits and deers.

All the animals and birds then returned to work. Fullu sat under the big banyan tree and thought for a long time. Finally, he got an idea.

He walked to Sambhu elephant and said, “Sir, you are really powerful and strong. You look like a king. Yet, nobody respects you. I feel sad. Gillan giraffe is trying to show off, by making all the decisions on his own!”

Sambhu sat silently, even though, he was shocked to hear Fullu.

Fullu then went to Bunny bear, Mottu monkey and Nicy peacock and repeated the same sentence, creating confusion and disturbing thoughts in all of them.

Sambhu elephant walked to the bamboos and sat alone. Bunny bear sat on the topmost branch of the big banyan tree. Mottu monkey sat silently, on the river bank. Nicy peacock walked by himself in the green meadow.

Fullu also spread rumours amongst other animals, that there would soon be a fight amongst the elders which would cause danger to the life of small animals. He wanted the smaller animals to hide in the faraway dens of Rock hills. Where he would easily hunt them.

Fullu then, sat on the large roots of the jackfruit tree and laughed. He was confident his trick which would disturb the peaceful life of all the animals, and spread fear and hatred amongst them. He said to himself, “Well done, Fullu! You are great. You can enjoy good fights and delicious food now.”

But suddenly, all the animals surrounded him. Birds sat on the lowest branch of the jackfruit tree waiting to keep a watch if he ran. By then, Sambhu, Mottu, Bunny and Nicy reached the place.

Fullu started shivering fearing for his life. Sambhu elephant asked everyone to remain calm. He walked to Fullu and picking him with his strong trunk said, “How dare you try to cheat us?”

“Please forgive me, sir. I thought all of you would fight for becoming king. I never expected such a strong unity amongst all of you. I wanted to break the peaceful united life of Shantivan as I was jealous of your happy life.”

“Then, why did you ask our little animals to hide in the rock hills?” asked Bunny bear sternly.

“I wanted to trap them in my area so that I could enjoy tasty meat daily with my family and friends. I could also have become a Chief of Rock hills,” said Fullu fox owning up.

Scratching his head, Mottu monkey laughed and said, “Ha-ha, cheater Fullu!

Gillan giraffe had a soft corner for you and brought you to this colony. We considered you as our beloved guest. This showed our generosity and not our weakness. How could you feel that your rumour would split us apart? Regardless of our type, size, eating habits, colour and gender, we live together by respecting the law of nature and the law of the jungle. Unity in diversity is our strength.”

Nicy peacock asked the audience, “What should we do with Fullu now? Should Sambhu kick him out of our jungle with his heavy foot, or should all of us beat him to pulp?”

“I am sorry. Pardon me, please. I will never repeat such betrayal acts in my life,” cried Fullu fox helplessly.

Gillan giraffe suddenly intervened, “We have already shown him our strength. He has learnt a lesson for life. Let us now give Fullu fox a grand farewell. Let Damru sing for our guest.”

Damru donkey came forward happily as he got an opportunity to sing officially. Animals and birds whistled loudly and started running away quickly. Sambhu elephant controlled his laughter and ordered Fullu to enjoy Damru’s song for half an hour. Bunny bear warned Fullu that he would be watching him from the top of the tree.

Damru donkey stood near Fullu and started his horrible song “Brey-brey,
he say.”

The helpless Fullu fox said to himself in tears, “It would have been much better if Sambhu elephant had kicked me off!”