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This is the story of a donkey called Seedha who lived in Pitara jungle. He was shy and simple but had a special quality – he could run very fast.

One day a meeting was called in Pitara.

Simha, the king declared, “Next full moon day will be really special for our jungle.”

“Why? Is it your ‘Happy Birthday?” asked Kolo, the Cuckoo, perched on a branch right above the King.

“No, silly. For the first time ever a train will run in our jungle.”

“A train!” everyone exclaimed.

“I always wanted to sit in a train,” Rogo, the Rhino shouted.

“Have a look at your huge behind. You won’t be able to squeeze inside the train, let alone sit or stand in it,” Lofty the Giraffe laughed.

“Same goes for you too,” jeered Rogo. “We’ll have to fold you into two to make you fit.”

“Hey you, quit arguing,” Simha shouted. “This train will be spacious enough for everyone.” All the animals cheered.

“Now let us think of a name for the train,” the King said. There were a number of suggestions but none of them was found suitable.

I have an idea,” a quiet voice said. It was Seedha. “Why don’t we call it Google Express?”

“Google Express!” The animals looked at each other. “What does Google mean?” asked Golu the elephant.

“I don’t know but it sounds nice,” Seedha said. “I like it,” Simha said.

“We all do,” the others shouted.

Seedha had never felt so proud in his life before. The Google Express started the next day. The driver was a horse called Ajab from the neighboring town. Ajab and Seedha became good friends. Ajab would daily take the animals for a ride. Sometimes he would allow Seedha to sit beside him.

Soon Google express became very popular and animals from the other jungles also started flocking to Pitara for a ride.

One day Babbar, the king of the neighboring jungle, came with his family to enjoy a ride on Google Express.

Simha was very happy and the two royal families got on to Google Express for an exciting tour of the jungle.

Seedha, meanwhile, was grazing when he suddenly saw Heera, the deer, running madly. “What happened Heera?” asked Seedha keeping pace with him.

“Ajab has slipped and fallen from the train.”

“Is he hurt?”

“No, luckily he fell into a bush. Dr. Bhaloo is taking care of him.”

Doctor Bhaloo was a bear and the resident doctor of Pitara.

“And what about Google Express?” asked Seedha.

“It is moving on its own on the tracks. There is no one driving it?” Heera replied.

“Who will control it? Who will bring it to a halt?” shouted Seedha and raced away.

He knew the route Google express would be taking and opting for a shortcut, ran with all his might.

After a few minutes, he could see the train chugging along. He increased his pace and drew level with the train.

All the passengers were leaning out. The children were screaming in fear and the adults were trying to calm them down.

Seedha ran faster and faster and finally jumped straight into the driver’s cabin. Within seconds the train came to a halt.

“Bravo, bravo!” he could hear the shouts of the two kings and their family members.

Seedha bowed his head. “Seedha when did you learn to drive?” asked Simha.

“I often sat with Ajab and observed him. That is how I learnt.”

“Good for us,” Babbar smiled.

“Your majesty, if you permit can we continue the ride?” Seedha asked.

“Are you crazy? You managed to stop a train but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to drive it,” Simha replied.

“Simha, I think we should give him a chance,” Babbar said.

And so Google Express started with Seedha as the driver and guide.

As the train chugged along Seedha pointed out all the sights. He even stopped at a few places on the way.

The children played around while the adults enjoyed the scenery.

That night there was a party in honour of King Babbar.

“Google will now have two drivers – Ajab and Seedha. I also announce a special award for Seedha,” announced Simha.

“And I give him a new title, from now he will be called Mister Google,” declared Babbar.


As Seedha, sorry Mister Google went to receive his award the jungle echoed with the thumping of tails, the beating of hooves and flapping of wings.