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“Do you know me?” Devansh was startled when he heard someone talk.

“Who are you? And why do you look like a ball covered with old nails?” asked Devansh.

“So, you don’t know me,” replied the figure. “I am Corona,” it said, introducing itself.

“What!” said Devansh startled. “So, you are that deadly virus that is spreading so fast in the world!”

“Yes,” replied Corona.

“How do you infect us?” asked Devansh.

“I enter human bodies through their eyes, nose and mouth,” said Corona. “After that, I settle in their throat.”

“Throat!” gulped Devansh.

“Yes,” said Corona. “And when humans cough, I enter their lungs.”

“Aha! Tell me what happens when you enter our lungs?”

“In my ball-like figure, there are nail-shaped proteins. These stick to the cells in the throat and then I multiply myself rapidly. Then when we reach the lungs, the healthy cells inside the lungs start dying. Due to this, the lungs get filled with dead cells and liquids, which make it difficult for humans to breathe. That leads to a decrease of oxygen in human blood and with this the lungs gradually stop functioning,” said Corona.

“You are very mean!” screamed Devansh.

“How can we protect ourselves from you?” asked Devansh.

“Keep your hands clean and wash them often. Don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes unnecessarily. Then I am not able to spread easily,” said Corona.


“That’s all. Keep distance from infected people. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough and wear glasses to protect your eyes,” said Corona.

“Anything else?” asked Devansh.

“If you keep yourself clean, stay at home and avoid large gatherings, and keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes, then your chances of being infected by me reduce drastically,” assured Corona.

Devansh’s mother entered his room. “What happened, Devansh? Were you dreaming in your sleep?”

Devansh woke up with a start! “It was a dream!” he said and told ma about it.

“You had a good dream! So, now you know a lot about coronavirus. Make sure we do as it says,” she said and left the room.

Devansh sat up on the bed, happy that he had learned so much.