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Gaurav’s school had closed and summer vacation had started. He was fond of his grandmother and loved spending his summer holidays at her place.

His family was going to his grandmother’s place again this summer, and their train was scheduled to depart at 6 a.m. But he was so excited that he woke up at about 3 a.m. to finish his packing and get ready.

Later, the family left for the grandmother’s home. But Gaurav had left his potted plant in his room.

“Oh! This place is so dark!” Nancy, Gaurav’s potted plant exclaimed.

The lights were off, windows were tightly shut and ventilators were covered with paper. There was no room for any light to enter.

“I am unable to breathe,” Nancy said. She felt utterly restless and was worried. She said, “Gaurav loves me, but how could he leave me alone to die in this darkness here?”

Help Yourself

Nancy didn’t know what to do and was running out of patience. Just around that time, she heard a noise.

“Who is it?” Nancy asked.

Birdie, the sparrow was trying to remove the paper off the ventilator with her beak. Just then, she noticed Nancy.

“Hi! My name is Birdie,” she said.

“Birdie, please help me,” Nancy said to Birdie.

Birdie asked, “Who are you and why are you so restless?”

“I am Nancy. Gaurav has locked me in this room and he is off on a holiday. It is so dark here and I need sunlight. I feel so suffocated,” she said.

“Oh, don’t worry, little one. I will help you,” Birdie said to Nancy.


In the meantime, Birdie removed the entire paper off the ventilator using her beak and now there was some light in the room. But unfortunately, the light just managed to hit the cupboard. It didn’t help Nancy much.

“Oh Birdie! I am not able to get any of the sunlight that’s coming into the room,” Nancy said.

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Birdie thought for some time and then suddenly, she got an idea. She said she’ll be back. She flew to her nest where she had stored a piece of glass. She took it and came back. She placed it at the ventilator where the sunrays were coming into the room. She adjusted it so that the sunlight would fall on Nancy.

Nancy could barely understand what Birdie was trying to do. Just at that moment, a ray of light fell on Nancy and she screamed with happiness, “It’s magic! I feel so warm now!”


“Ha! It’s not magic, Nancy. It’s because of this mirror. When the ray of light struck the mirror, it reflected off the mirror and hit you instead,” Birdie said.

“Oh! Is that so? I feel much better now,”‘ said Nancy. She felt relieved, and she thanked Birdie for helping her out.

Then on, Birdie would often visit Nancy and spend some time talking to her. Nancy and Birdie went on to become inseparable friends.