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Golu Deer always kept his eyes on the racing ground. He had been fond of racing since his childhood, but unfortunately his right leg was of no use due to a problem since birth.

Despite his lameness, he so loved racing that when the racing ground would be empty in the evening, he would run with his three good legs. Nobody would notice in the dark of the night that somebody was running alone.

When he was very young, he had been disheartened with the fact that he couldn’t participate in a race due to his crippled leg. Even though everybody was sympathetic towards him, he didn’t feel happy. Watching animals like the horse, deer and rabbit running, his deepest desire would surface up, but then he couldn’t do anything.


But how long can one live in dejection? Everybody has a right to happiness and hope. Golu had to find his happiness despite his disability, which he did. He targeted on not winning any racing competition but on enjoying the feeling of running. He didn’t want to feel sorry for himself; he rather just wanted to run in the playground. So he would run in the ground for hours when nobody would be there. Initially he did face some problems, but then he began enjoying running with his three legs as much as any pro athlete. Though Golu had now gained the expertise for running, he couldn’t take part in any competition. However, he was fine with his life. He had been able to fulfil the expectations he had from himself to a certain extent. He was satisfied and content.

A huge crowd had gathered in the ground since morning. “Bholu, is some race getting held again?’ Golu asked his friend Bholu Deer.

“Golu, don’t you know? Selections are on for the London Olympic. Their team has arrived in our jungle too. All the horses and deer have been practicing for months for this only!”

Hearing these words, Golu felt his desire of running in a competition surging up, but then he checked himself.


Nonetheless, he got worried thinking that now the ground won’t be available for him to run.

“When will the race start?” Golu asked.

“The race will start from tomorrow morning and it will be a day and night thing then,” Bholu replied.

“Let me not miss this opportunity of running tonight. I don’t know for how many days the ground will be occupied then,” Golu said to himself.

By evening the entire ground had become empty. Like every day, Golu began his running when he felt that nobody would watch him now. He ran for a longer time than usual. Then thinking that his mother would get worried for him, he decided to go back home.

“Wait.” He heard a voice when he was about to leave. He turned to find himself looking at a stranger.

“What were you doing now? Are you a contender for the race? Were you practicing?” he asked.

“No, I am Golu. I cannot take part in the race because my right leg is crippled,” Golu told everything about himself to the stranger. “I run here daily because I cannot live without it. It is my passion.”

“Do you know who I am? I am the judge of this race. Athletes selected by me only will go ahead. Why don’t you participate in the race? You are very good at running,” the judge said.

“But I have already told you about my problem.”

“So what if one of your legs doesn’t work? Still you are a good runner. We require skilled athletes like you only. You can definitely take part in Paralympics,” The judge told Golu.


“Yes, Paralympics is the race for those who have some physical disability. You run like a champion athlete. You will be easily able to win the Paralympics,” The judge explained.

“But I have never participated in a race. Will I be a good enough contender in comparison to others?” Golu was still hesitant.

Why are you getting nervous? Your hard work, dedication and confidence are enough for you to win. You must have gone through many depressing situations since your childhood, but your enthusiasm helped you overcome all the obstacles. You kept practicing without even participating. Despite your disability, you have your dreams and the zeal to fulfil them. Then why won’t you win? You are an example to others. I am confident that you will definitely win. Now I don’t want to hear anything from you. Come with me, I’ll write your name in the list.”


Hearing Judge Uncle’s encouraging words, Golu’s eyes moistened with tears. The next moment he was walking with Judge Uncle towards the sports office.