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Tiger was an alley cat. He had no home and no one cared or worried about him. He did not even share whatever little he had with the other cats who lived on the streets. Well, this was because all the animals who lived on the streets struggled to stay alive. Their days were spent foraging for food. Tiger too roamed on the streets all day long. He wandered in the back alleys of the city, searching for food. He was always hungry with a terrible ache in his belly. As a result of this, he was never really happy. No one ever seemed to care whether he was tired or thirsty or hungry or sleepy or unwell. Poor Tiger!

“Oh, how I wish I had someone to take care of me,” Tiger would often say. “I am so lonely. I am so sad. No one cares about me or even gives me a second look.”

Each day was as difficult for Tiger. He would wake up feeling famished and go looking for food. Well, food was scarce and Tiger would have to walk long distances and even sift through dustbins. Well, there were too many stray cats and not much food to go around. Tiger felt lucky if he found even a morsel to eat. As time went by, Tiger felt more and more miserable.

He stopped purring like happy cats usually did. And he lost interest in smiling and playing. Whenever he came across children, he ran away. He even stopped trusting everyone he encountered. Well, life was not easy as a stray.

One day, it rained very heavily. Tiger found that he was soaking wet. He shivered and felt terrible when he realised he had to sleep on the wet ground.

Tiger wept and wished he had a better life.

“Life is so lonely without any friends,” he sobbed. “And this rain is making me feel worse. We cats hate water and today, I’m all drenched.”

Suddenly, Tiger heard a voice. “What is a cat who hates water doing outdoors on a wet day like this?” the voice said softly and gently. “The poor thing!”

Tiger wondered if he was dreaming.

“Oh! What a lovely dream I’m having! Someone is actually worrying about me even though it’s a dream!” he thought.

Tiger then felt a pair of dry hands pick him up and cradle him in the crook of an arm. He realised that he wasn’t dreaming and that what was happening was quite real!

Tiger looked up and saw that he was in the arms of a little girl. She had picked him up as she knew that cats hated getting wet. And then to Tiger’s great surprise, the little girl took him into her house.

Tiger’s joy knew no bounds.

“At last I’ve found a friend!” he thought to himself. “There’s finally someone who cares about me!”

Tiger placed him on her lap, as she sat and rocked on a big brown rocking chair.

Tiger was no longer cold or scared, for he had found someone who loved and cared for him. The friendship between the alley cat and the little girl blossomed, and the two soon became inseparable.


Now all Tiger does is purr and purr. He even smiles a contented smile at everyone who looks at him.

“A little bit of caring was all that it took to make my life happy,” Tiger tells everyone he meets. “My heart felt full of happiness and joy the moment I found that someone actually cares about me.”

Well, Tiger is right. A little bit of caring is all that it takes to make someone’s life happy and joyful. So, when you come across anyone who looks lonely, sad or blue, do something kind and help them feel loved and cared for.