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Chikki, the sparrow could not find any worms or grains. She was hungry. She thought to herself, “Where have all the worms gone today? They may be sleeping. What will I have for breakfast?”

She had an idea. Mantu, the crow was sitting on the branch of a neem tree. Chikki flew to her and said, “Good morning Mantu. Have you started looking for food today?” Mantu yawned loudly, “Chikki I am fasting today. My mom told me that it is good to fast at least once a week. You see, it cleanses our system. So, I am just going to sit and meditate.”

Chikki was very upset. She was hoping that he could share Mantu’s food.

So, Chikki went to Helen, the hen. Helen had  just come out of her house for a morning walk.

Chikki flew to her and said, “Hi, Helen. Have you started searching for food?What about some grains and nice worms?”

Help Yourself

Helen said, ” Dear Chikki, my chicks are going for a picnic today. They wanted all yummy treats. Yesterday I gathered a lot of grains and worms and packed their snack boxes. So today I am going to my mom’s house to spend my day.”

Chikki said sadly, “Ok, Helen. Carry on then.” Chikki sat on the top of a banyan tree and said, “Today, I am so unlucky that nobody is ready to help me. Let me ask Dolly, the duck.”

Dolly was on the way to the river. Chikki thought to herself, “I am sure Dolly is going to catch some worms and fish. She is very helpful. She will share her meal with me.”

She went near Dolly and said, “Hello Dolly, I wish you get the best fishes and worms today.”

Chikki’s Lucky Treat

Dolly smiled and said, “Chikki, Cookie, the crane lost a bet with me yesterday. So, she is going to treat me today. I am going to her place for lunch.”

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Chikki’s last hope was also gone. She was on the way back to her nest, when the grocerer’s wife threw a sack of wheat outside saying, “These grains have been spoilt by the worms. We should not use them. Nobody will buy them. I will throw all of them out.”

Chikki’s Lucky Treat

Chikki saw lot of worms and wheat grains being thrown in the street. She happily dug into them. Now she felt really lucky!