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Bruno rabbit owned a jewellery shop. He was a creative and hardworking businessman and his unique pieces were always in demand.

But Bruno’s wife Luna was jealous of the neighbouring shop that had more customers than theirs.

Many times, Luna ridiculed Bruno, “It seems that our shop is useless. While other shops receive hoards of customers, our shop only gets one or two in a day.”

“It’s not a good thing to envy other people’s success. We should be content with what we have,” Bruno tried to make her understand.

One day, Luna went to the market along with her friend Daisy deer to buy groceries.

On their way back, they spotted Duggu jackal sitting under a tree. He was holding a box of shining gold coins.

“This jackal is selling gold coins. Let’s take a look,” exclaimed Luna.
Daisy tried to stop Luna, “Don’t fall in his trap. No one sells gold coins like this.”

“No one can fool me. These coins can make me rich. I think we should at least enquire about them,” she insisted.

Luna walked towards Duggu and asked, “Are these coins made of gold?”

“Yes, these are pure gold coins. I urgently need the money that’s why I am selling them at less than half their price,” sobbed Duggu.

“How do I trust that these coins are made of pure gold?” Luna inquired.

“You seem to be an intelligent lady. Take a look at this and verify yourself.” Saying this, Duggu handed a gold coin to Luna.

Luna had a good understanding of identifying real gold from fake. She examined the coin and rubbed it against the stone she carried in her purse and realised it was a real gold coin.

“You’re right. These are pure gold coins. What are they priced at?” asked Luna.

“I need money for an urgent treatment. I have to deposit the money in the hospital today. Even though one coin is priced at `5000, I can give it to you in just `3000,” said Duggu.

“No, I will give you `2000 for the coin,” bargained Luna.

“I cannot sell these coins at such a low price. But since you like them so much,
I will give you all the coins for `20,000. I need this money for my treatment,” said Duggu.

“Ten gold coins for just `20,000…that’s a steal,” thought Luna.

“Done! I don’t have the money with me right now. Let me go home and bring it,” she said.

Luna hurried home, took out the money from the cash locker in the house and gave it to Duggu.

Duggu accepted the money and passed the box of gold coins to Luna.

“I feel miserable selling these coins. If I were not desperate, I would never have sold them at such a cheap price,” Duggu murmured.

Luna took the box of coins and went home quickly.

She was excited to have bought so much gold for a steal.

Bruno was waiting for her at the entrance of the house.

He asked, “Where have you been? I have been waiting for you since a long time.”

“I will answer all your questions but first, let me step in. You will be overjoyed to hear what I have to say,” Luna exclaimed.

“What’s the matter? Tell me,” said Bruno with curiosity. “I bought ten pure gold coins for just `20,000. Look at this,” said Luna, taking a coin out and showing it to Bruno.

Bruno examined the coins and said, “Uh-Oh, all these coins are fake imitations.”

“What? But I checked a coin. It was pure gold. Only after verifying it, I purchased the other coins,” explained Luna.

“You were tricked. It seems you only one coin,” said Bruno.

“That jackal made a fool of me. Let me teach him a lesson. He will not escape,” said Luna and hurried towards Duggu’s place accompanied by Bruno.

But Duggu wasn’t under the tree. Luna saw Bunty monkey who was relaxing on a nearby tree and asked, “A few hours ago, Duggu jackal was selling coins here. Where has he gone?”

“He left a few moments ago. I think he had come from another jungle and went back there,” answered Bunty.

Luna started crying.

“Don’t be sad now. At least now you know that it is not good to be greedy. To get more, you lost what you previously had. If you don’t change your habits now, you’ll be fooled again in the future,” said Bruno.

Luna had learned her lesson.

She promised to never be greedy again.