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Patty peacock was beautiful and he was proud of it. He looked down on everybody and talked to people impolitely because of his good looks.

All animals of the forest were troubled by his behaviour. They wished to teach him a lesson. Lola squirrel, Cheeku rabbit and Jumbo elephant called for a meeting that was attended by all animals of the forest.

“Patty’s behaviour is getting tough to handle. His pride is at its height. We should teach him a lesson,” said Lola.

“Yes, Lola is right. Patty’s ways are not right. His habits make him less friendly. We should try to explain to him without giving him any trouble,” said Jumbo.
“Patty always discourages the young ones of the forest by saying mean things to them. He is very proud of his beauty. This is not right,” said Cheeku.

All animals discussed this at length. After the discussion, they thought of a plan to help Patty.

According to their plan, a rumour was spread in the forest that a hunter entered the forest and would take with him the most beautiful animal or bird. All animals were told to be careful and stay hidden.

This news reached Patty too.

Appy ant saw him strolling and asked, “Do you know what is happening in
the forest?”

“No, I don’t. Actually, I don’t talk to any animal here. Why? What’s happening?” asked Patty.

“Oh! A fierce hunter has come into the forest. He is looking for the most beautiful animal or bird so that he can take it back with him,” informed Appy.

“What! What will happen now? I am the most beautiful animal in this forest. The hunter will surely catch me,” Patty was terrified.

“Yes! You are the most beautiful animal in this forest. That is why I thought I should tell you. See, I have nothing to worry. Hunters don’t catch ants. But you can keep yourself safe. Why don’t you ask Lola for help? She is very wise. She will find a way out,” said Appy.

Patty was scared and took Appy’s advice. He went to Lola.

“Oh Patty, what is the matter? How come you’re here so early in the morning? Is everything alright?” asked Lola when she saw Patty coming towards her.

Patty sorrowfully narrated the whole incident. “Please help me. That hunter will take me away with him,” said Patty, sobbing.

“I cannot help you. You have insulted me many times. You took pride for being beautiful and now it has become your enemy. I’m sorry, I can’t help. But Jumbo may help you,” said Lola, pretending to be angry.

Patty felt bad, but he knew that his behaviour hurt many animals. He went to Jumbo for help.

He explained his plight to Jumbo and said, “Jumbo, now only you can save me from this danger!”

Jumbo reminded him of his old behaviour and said, “Patty, you have insulted me a lot. You made fun of my long trunk and stout body. Now that you are at danger, you have come to me for help. Did you not realise then that your actions hurt so many animals and you should not behave like this?”

Patty felt sorry after hearing what Jumbo had to say. He truly had no friends. He was angry with himself and felt lonely.

He went to other animals of the forest for help, but no one was ready to help him. He went back home and sobbed.

After some time, all the animals of the forest gathered in his courtyard. Patty was startled to see them there.

“Perhaps you have learnt your lesson,” said Appy.

“What lesson? I do not understand,” said Patty.

“The rumour about the hunter is false. That was a plan to teach you a lesson and show you the true meaning of having friends,” said Jumbo.

“Yes, I know. I was too proud. I now understand that pride in one’s beauty is wrong. From now on, I won’t insult anyone and try to be a better friend to all. If possible, please forgive me,” cried Patty.

The animals forgave him and hugged him.