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Priyanshi was excited as her birthday was approaching in a few days. Last year, her father had gifted her a bicycle. This year, she was expecting an even bigger gift.

She said, “Papa, this year, please give me something that no one else has.”

“Yes, Priyu. This time, too, I will get you something special. Don’t worry about your gift. Just concentrate on your studies,” replied papa.

Priyanshi was happy to hear this. She couldn’t wait for her birthday. She focused on her studies but kept getting distracted with the thought of her birthday gift.

On the day of her birthday, her parents threw a party and invited all her friends who came with gifts. She was thrilled to see all her friends who had come to celebrate her special day, but she couldn’t find her father’s gift.

Just before it was time to cut the cake, papa walked in with a big box. Priyanshi was elated to see such a big gift and wondered what was inside it.

But she knew she could only open her gifts after the party. So, she cut her birthday cake, ate the delicious snacks with her friends and once they left, she sat amidst all her gifts and opened them one by one. She always opened papa’s gift last. She carefully peeled the wrapping paper and was thrilled to see a colourful, remote-controlled aeroplane inside the box.

Priyanshi hugged her father and thanked him for the gift.

She started playing with the aeroplane immediately. Her grandfather saw the multi-colour aeroplane and asked, “Wow! Since when did we get such colourful aeroplanes?”

“Grandpa, this is my aeroplane. Absolutely unique! Papa bought it for me,” replied Priyanshi.

Grandpa laughed and said, “Ah! I have only seen white aeroplanes until now. Do you know why our real aeroplanes are white and not colourful?”

“I don’t know, grandpa. But I think they should be colourful so that they look like beautiful birds soaring in the sky,” replied Priyanshi.

“Priyu, there’s a reason why our planes are white and have less colour on them,” said grandpa.

“Why is that, grandpa?” asked Priyanshi.

“White colour on the plane keeps it cool as the rays of the sun bounce away from it. The machines that run the plane have to be kept cool so they function without a problem,” grandpa explained.

“I did not know that. But there are many other light colours so why is white chosen?” asked Priyanshi.

“White is a standard light colour. Engineers can easily catch sight of cracks, dents or any kind of damage on the body of the plane and fix it. If they don’t fix these, then even a small crack can lead to an accident,” said grandpa.

“You are right,” said Priyanshi.

Grandpa added, “Yes, we only see white aeroplanes and don’t know how important the colour is.”

“Grandpa, I don’t think you told all this to papa, which is why he brought me such a colourful aeroplane and not a white one,” said Priyanshi.

Grandpa and papa laughed.

“Priyu, this is just a toy for you to play with. But it’s good to know these facts. You wouldn’t know this if you didn’t ask so many questions,” said grandpa.

“Yes. I will share these facts with my friends. Right now, I need to find white paint for my aeroplane,” said Priyanshi.

Grandpa laughed loudly and hugged her.