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Schools were shut for 3 weeks to contain the spread of coronavirus. Prateek was bored at home.

Just then ma came and told him that his best friend Mohit had come back from America.

Prateek picked up the phone and called Mohit.

“Mohit! Hi! So glad you are back. Come to my house quickly and let’s play!” he said, excited.

Hi, Prateek! How are you? I can’t come and play with you. My family and I have been asked to stay at home in quarantine. We all can’t step out of the house for 14 days. Though we are all well, we don’t want anyone to come near us as we may be carriers of the virus. After 14 days, I am allowed to come and meet you,’’ Mohit explained.

“Our holiday was cut short because we were all asked to go back because of coronavirus. I have missed a lot of school work. I called Chirag to ask for his notebook, but he refused. His mom told him not to contact me as I’ve just come from abroad. She said that anyone who comes in contact with me could get infected. What do I do now?” said Mohit sadly.

“Don’t worry! I’ll give you my notebook. I’ll keep it outside your door and once you’re done, you can keep it outside, and I will come and collect it after 24 hours. We all should take precautions, but that does not mean I should stop being your friend. It is said that the virus does not survive on a surface for more than 24 hours so I’ll take my book from you after a day. You’ll get your notes and I won’t have any chance of getting infected,” said Prateek, cheerfully.

“You are my true friend,” said Mohit, with tears in his eyes and his voice shaking over the phone.

“In this hour of need, we should extend all the help we can to each other. That’s all I’m doing,” said Prateek and kept his notebook outside Mohit’s house and came back.