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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Mimi, the young mouse lived with his parents near a tree on which Squeaky, the squirrel lived with her son, Neo. Mimi’s parents and Squeaky were good friends. Whenever Mimi’s parents went out of town, Squeaky would look after him. She loved Mimi like a son.

One day, when Squeaky was returning home from the market, she saw Mimi on the way.

“Hey, Mimi! Could you please help carry the bag to my house?” asked Squeaky.

“I’m sorry, Aunty! I have a severe stomach-ache. Please ask someone else,” said Mimi and ran away.

“How strange! He has a stomach-ache and yet he can run so fast!” Squeaky thought to herself. After she reached home, Squeaky handed the bags to her son, Neo and requested him to put the things in their place.

“Mum! I hope you remember your promise to buy me a bicycle,” said Neo while arranging the items on the shelf.

“Yes, I remember. I will buy you one soon,” assured Squeaky.

Neo had been asking for a bicycle for several days now. Since Squeaky was running short of money, she was unable to buy one as yet.

One evening, Mimi was riding his bicycle outside his house.

“Mimi, can I please ride your bicycle for some time?” requested Neo.

“If you want to ride a bicycle, why don’t you buy one?” said Mimi and rode away. Squeaky who heard the two talking, went up to Neo and explained, “Mimi’s bicycle is too big for you. You won’t be able to ride it until you’ve grown a bit older.”

“All right, mum!” said Neo and went away to play with his friends. Right then, Mimi’s mother, Milli stepped out of her house and saw Squeaky standing outside.

“Hello, Squeaky! I need your help. I’m going out for a few days. Mimi is old enough to stay home alone. But if something comes up and I give you a call, will you be able to check on him?” asked Milli.

“Of course, Milli. Don’t worry. I will keep an eye on him,” assured Squeaky.

A couple of days after Milli left, Mimi fell ill. Milli called Squeaky at once and requested her to take Mimi to the doctor, as she would take another two days to return. Squeaky rushed to Mimi’s house and called the doctor. The doctor arrived and checked Mimi. The doctor prescribed some medicines and advised him to take good rest.

Squeaky did not want to leave Mimi alone, so she brought him to her house. She took great care of him by giving him the medicines as prescribed and cooking his favourite dishes. When Mimi saw how Squeaky looked after him without expecting anything in return, he felt ashamed.

Mimi apologised to Squeaky. “The other day, I did not want to carry your bag. So, I lied about having a stomach-ache. I did not let Neo ride my bicycle either. But you still love me and take great care of me. I’m really very sorry, Aunty,” he said.

“You don’t need to apologise, Mimi. I didn’t feel bad when you refused to carry my bag. If Neo refuses to help me out, will I feel bad? Of course, not!” said Squeaky.

“But I should have helped you, Aunty. You are older to me, and I should have listened to you. I shouldn’t have lied to you either. You are too kind to me,” said Mimi and hugged her. Squeaky smiled and hugged him back.