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Bholi goat and her son Monu lived in the Rajghat forest near the river. When he was young, Monu used to listen to his Mom, but as he grew older, he became mischievous and stopped listening to his mother. His behaviour worried the neighbours because sometimes, he broke their things and stole their food. He troubled many animals of the forest and their young ones.

As the matter grew serious the forest chief Basanth wolf met Bholi, to talk about Monu.

“If Monu does not mend his ways, I will be forced to go and complain to the police inspector Bhima bear. Either he will punish Monu or will make sure that Monu is not allowed to move around freely in the forest,” said Basanth and left.

Bholi was worried now. She did not want Monu to go to jail.

Her friend Polly parrot saw her and asked her why she looked sad. Bholi told him everything about Monu.

“So, this is the matter. Bholi, you have already told Monu but he still does not listen. I think the only way, is to use fear to make him understand,” said Polly.

Polly noticed the uncertain look on Bholi’s face and whispered something in her ears. When Bholi finished listening to Polly, she was hopeful that Monu would change.

The next day, Polly and her friends kept an eye on Monu who was busy disturbing Lucky rabbit. Lucky was running around, trying to hide from him.
Watching this, Polly and her friends signalled Rocky, asking her to go towards the forest. Monu followed Lucky. He thought that Lucky was escaping from him and that is why, she was going towards the forest.

Polly and her friends, Manu firefly, Dolly deer and Bhanu wolf, closely followed Monu.

When Monu reached the forest, night had fallen and the forest was dark. On Polly’s whistle, Lucky quietly hid behind the bushes.

Monu could not see anything because, it had become pitch dark. Now, Polly and her friends started working as planned.

Polly changed her voice, and screamed like a cheetah. The scream was a cue for Bhanu to walk close to Monu.

Polly’s scream left Monu horrified. He thought it was a cheetah and started sweating profusely. While Manu and some of the other fireflies shone brightly, Sonu deer stared at Monu with her eyes wide open.

“Help me please!” cried Monu.

“Monu, today I am going to eat you,” said Polly, changing her voice.

“Who are you?” asked Monu.

“I am the witch of this forest,” said Polly in a hoarse voice.

Monu started shivering, feeling even more scared.

“Please forgive me. I will not create trouble with anyone ever again,” cried Monu.

“I don’t believe you,” said Polly.

“I am telling you the truth. I will not trouble anyone. Please leave me,” begged Monu.

“Okay. There is a green tree behind you. Go and write on the tree, ‘If I trouble anyone in the future, a complaint will be sent to the king Lion and I will be punished’,” replied Polly.

“Okay, I will write that. But, how will I write in the dark?” asked Monu.

It was then that, Manu and the other fireflies gathered together and spread some light. Their light allowed Monu to write on the tree as instructed by Polly.

“I will show this to the king Lion, if you trouble anyone again. Please follow the light coming from the fireflies and go back home. Do not come back here again,” ordered Polly.

Monu quietly obeyed Polly and ran away to his house. As they watched him run away, Polly and her friends feel happy that they had taught Monu a lesson.

Next day onwards, Monu gave up troubling the animals of Rajghat forest. All the animals were surprised and happy to see a change in Monu’s behaviour.