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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Today all friends had come to Meet’s house. All four were playing carrom. Then Aneesha told Aryan, “Let us leave now, Brother, it’s already 7 O’clock. Mother must be waiting for us.”

“All right. Okay Meet, we will meet in school tomorrow. Goodbye,” Aryan said. All of them had come on their bicycle, so they were returning alone.

Aryan’s bicycle got punctured midway.

‘Oh, such bad luck! I won’t even find anybody to repair the cycle here,’ Aryan thought. Meet’s house was at the outskirts of the city. Aryan returned back to his house and walked back towards his own house after keeping the bicycle there.

He was going through the deserted highway right then he spotted a beggar. He was digging in front of a milestone at the roadside. He put a small blue coloured packet in the pit and filled it up.

Aryan was watching all this hiding behind the bushes. After finishing his work the beggar walked towards the city acting like a blind man with the help of his stick.secret-of-the-stone

Aryan thought, ‘What was that thing which the beggar put inside the pit? Let me check.’ Aryan dug again and took out the packet. When he opened it, his eyes widened. It had many bunches of thousand rupee notes.

“So much money? The currency is real. But how did that poor beggar get so much money? Something is definitely fishy,’ Aryan thought.

Aryan put the packet back in the pit and rushed to Meet. Meet was surprised to see him returning back again.

“What happened? Don’t you want to return home today? What’s the matter now? Were you pricked by a thorn in your feet?”.

“No, come with me immediately. I have to show you something.”

Meet understood that it must be something urgent. He came with Aryan. On the way, Aryan told him the whole story.

Both were going towards the same pit when they saw a blue car coming towards that milestone. Aryan and Meet hid behind the bushes. One man got down from the car.

He dug out that blue packet quickly and replaced it with a green packet. He took the blue packet and the car swiftly went away.

Aryan and Meet came out from their hiding. They took out the green packet and opened it, “What is this thing like a white powder?”

“This is brown sugar. I have smelt it before too. These small packets have intoxicant materials worth lakhs of rupees. Now I can understand what’s going on,” Aryan said.

“Tell me too,” Meet wanted to know.

“It seems that beggar and his boss deal in drugs.”

“That beggar keeps money here and in turn, drugs worth that money is put back which is taken later. What a unique way!”.

“Inspector Sharma uncle too was telling a few days before that the business of drugs is flourishing in the city,” Aryan said.

“What will you do now?”

“That beggar will come back again to take the green packet. He comes walking, so we can easily follow him.”secret-of-the-stone

Both of them kept back the packet and waited for the beggar.

Aryan was right as usual. After 15 minutes the beggar came back walking with the help of his stick.

He checked around. Finding nobody there, he took out the packet. Putting it in his raggedy bag, he again began acting like a blind man and moved towards the city.

But this time 2 detectives were behind him. Very soon he reached the bungalow of a rich businessman Lalchand. He knocked the door and went inside.

Aryan told Meet, “It seems he comes here daily. That means Lalchand is the man who runs the racket of drugs in our city. This beggar works for him.”

They informed Sharma uncle. Inspector Sharma raided Lalchand’s bungalow and seized drugs worth lakhs of rupees. Lalchand and all his aides were arrested.

Aryan’s astuteness busted the drug racket going on in the city.