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Vicky’s school called to inform that it was being shut to control the coronavirus outbreak. Vicky was overjoyed.

“Wow! What fun! This is amazing! I’ll play cricket all day with my friends!” said Vicky and started making plans.

Ma! I’m going to Kitty’s house to play!” said Vicky.

“Vicky, we have to be at home and not step out. The school is shut so that you stay away from your friends and teachers and stop coronavirus from spreading. We all are required to stay indoors, unless absolutely necessary. Children and the elderly should not step out at all,” ma explained.

“So what will I do all alone at home?” said Vicky, stamping his feet and throwing a tantrum.

“There are many things you can do and enjoy at home,” said ma.

“Like what?” asked Vicky.

“You could draw, paint, sketch, read books. You could write down your thoughts in a diary as you pass each day at home. It’s spring. See so many birds are making nests. Observe how they collect twigs and make nests. At night, we could go star gazing from our terrace as the sky is much more clear and the stars are shining. You could also learn new recipes. You love sandwiches. Maybe we could try and make some together. And you could help me out in household chores,” said ma and smiled.

Vicky liked ma’s suggestions, but he was not completely pleased.

“But meeting friends… going out… I can’t do all that, can I? I’ll be bored!” said Vicky.

“There are many indoor games you can play like ludo, snakes and ladders, carrom. You can video chat with your friends and stay in touch. You always wanted to arrange your cupboards and label all the books on your bookshelf. You could do that. Also, we both love music. We could make our own lyrics and sing songs to keep us busy during this time. And by staying indoors, win this fight against coronavirus,” said ma.

“We will definitely win this fight, ma!” Vicky smiled, understanding ma.