Find the picture
The mysterious building is hiding a lot of things. Let's discover them together.
Hidden Picture
The living room beholds hidden treasure for little Rony. Help him to find the hidden objects.
Champakvan gang's New Year party is full of joy and happiness. Help the gang to find the hidden things.
hidden picture
10 Christmas ornaments are hidden in this picture. Find out where they are.
find the horse shoe
Some people believe that finding a lost horseshoe brings good luck. But this horse, who has lost his shoes, wants them back. Help him find the four lost horseshoes so he can cross the messy road.
Help Blacky bear to find 10 bottles filled with the wrong kind of soda. (Hint : 10 bottles are filled with orange soda)
Help Amir find his 8 missing marbles.
Sam, Riya and Pravin have built a snowman. They had brought along a bunch of carrots to use as the snowman’s nose but rabbits seem to have stolen them. Can you find the five carrots and the five rabbits that stole them hidden in this scene?
The ambulance’s siren is missing. Find the 10 siren lights hidden in the scene.
Rohit has to take some photos of common garden creatures for his Science project. Help him find these: spider, butterfly, chameleon, ladybug, frog, earthworm, dragonfly, bee, squirrel, mole.
Farmer Francis can’t seem to find all the animals on his farm. Can you help him find all the eight animals?
Find the 10 dandiya sticks hidden in this scene.
Find the 12 frogs that have come out to play in the rain.
Prakash is playing Holi with his friends who are hiding from him. Can you find his 10 friends for him?
Larry and Tarry, the frogs are scuba diving. Find 12 sea animals that are hiding.
Akshay is unable to colour as he has misplaced all his crayons. Help him find the 11 missing crayons.
Is Jumpy monkey really a magician? Find out with Cheeku and Meeku!
How did Jumpy monkey become more famous than the Chief?
Circle 10 differences you can find between the two pictures.