Father’s Day Apron

You will need:

Designer paper, colourful paper, ribbon, a pencil, an eraser, scissor, glue, scale and colourful sketch pens.

1. For the apron, draw two curves on a square designer paper.

2. Cut out the two curves.

3. For the pocket of the apron, cut a rectangle from another designer paper and apply glue on 3 sides of it.

4. Stick the rectangular paper on the bottom of the apron cut-out.

5. Use colourful papers to make cut-outs of a spatula, a knife, a fork and a heart.

6. Insert the paper spatula, knife, fork and heart inside the apron pocket.

7. Take a ribbon of the length that can go around the neck and cut it. Stick the ends, forming a neckband.

8. Stick the neckband on the backside of the apron.

Your Father’s Day Apron is ready!

3-D Art

You will need:

Mount board, tinted coloured papers, pencil, glue, scale, scissors, marker, double sided foam tape, textured paper, straws.

Tip: Stick the background coloured paper on the mount board to give it support.



1. Draw the scene that you want on the coloured background paper using pencil. Here we have drawn a bridge.



2. Draw the other parts of the scene on coloured paper, cut them out, and glue them on the background



3. Cut straws in varying lengths according to where they have to be pasted and paste them there.



4. Paste other parts of the scene by putting one, two or more layers of tape under it for the 3-D effect.



5. Make sure you use different layers of tape to give each component a unique look.



Use 4 layers of tape for the outer frame, and your 3D artwork is ready to hang on your wall!


Make your own 3D art and send us photos at writetochampak@delhipress.in

How To Make A Twinkling Starry Lamp | DIY art & craft videos for kids from SMART


Materials Required:


Materials Required:

Ice cream Sticks
Mount Board
Golden Acrylic Paint


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Meander book

The meander motif is named after the river Meander, a river with many twists, mentioned by Homer in Iliad.This motif is also known as the Greek key or Greek fret.

To make your own meander book-

You will need:

A 4 size paper, thick coloured paper, scissors and glue


1. Fold the paper into half along the dotted line from left to right.



2. Unfold and bring both the edges of the paper to the center.



3. Now repeat the steps 1 and 2, this time by folding the paper from top to bottom. You should have 16 rectangles like these.



4. Cut along the red lines as shown in the picture. We have marked the rectangles of the first row as a, b, c, d. Fold each rectangle forward like a fan till you reach the end of the first row. So ‘a’ goes over ‘b’ and keep folding forward till you reach ‘e’. Now fold d’ behind ‘e’ and keep going forward.



5. Cut two rectangles 6 x 8 cms and stick on either sides of your meander book as covers.


Fill your meander book

You can write a story, poem or use it as a scrapbook. Cut out! pictures you like from old newspapers and magazines. Write down interesting facts you learn or quotes you read. Carry it to school or keep it on your desk, there’s so much you can do.