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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

You will need:

Designer paper, colourful paper, ribbon, a pencil, an eraser, scissor, glue, scale and colourful sketch pens.

1. For the apron, draw two curves on a square designer paper.

2. Cut out the two curves.

3. For the pocket of the apron, cut a rectangle from another designer paper and apply glue on 3 sides of it.

4. Stick the rectangular paper on the bottom of the apron cut-out.

5. Use colourful papers to make cut-outs of a spatula, a knife, a fork and a heart.

6. Insert the paper spatula, knife, fork and heart inside the apron pocket.

7. Take a ribbon of the length that can go around the neck and cut it. Stick the ends, forming a neckband.

8. Stick the neckband on the backside of the apron.

Your Father’s Day Apron is ready!