You get dignity,

When you stop thinking wrong

When you do what you learn right

You can live dignified,

When you live a lifestyle that,

matches your vision.

You can get dignity

when you renounce the “ego of individuality”.

and rejoice ups and downs of life.

There is dignity,

when you have good thoughts,

in your heart and mind.

-Manasvi Mehra, 13 years


Our Motherland

The land of diversity,

Where people live in harmony.

Different cultures and customs,

And different castes and religions

Our history today tells us all,

About great leaders and freedom fighters’ sacrifice,

Who all were very wise.

Our country was protected,

Because they protested.

The Himalayas have worn a crown,

Giving birth to some of the greatest rivers,

The atmosphere here is filled with serenity,

Creating a nature that is very pretty!

-Aniha Sheela Paraveen

-10 years, Nashik

Magazine Rack

You will need:

  • Mountboard,
  • acrylic paint,
  • paint brush,
  • pencil, scale,
  • glue and scissors.


1. Place the magazine on a sheet of mountboard and cut around it so that the cutout is slightly bigger than the magazine.



2. Make two more rectangular cutouts that are narrower but about the same height as the cutout in step 1. These will form the sides of the rack.



3. Make another rectangular cutout for the base using the measurements from the previous two cutouts as shown.



4. Stick the cutouts from Step 2 along the sides of the cutout from Step 1 as shown. Then stick the base as well.



5. Cut two thin strips from the mountboard and stick to the front of the rack. Paint the rack.




Now you can put in your favourite Champak magazine in your very own magazine rack!

Tricolour Kite

Let’s make a tricolour kite!

You will need: Kite papers (orange, white and green), thread, broomsticks, scale, glue, scissors and pencil.

1. Fold the white kite paper in half. Draw a triangle on it as shown. Cut it and open it out.

2. Divide the cutout into three equal parts as shown.

3. Cut a triangle from the orange kite paper of the same size as the one on the white paper and stick over it.

4. Similarly, cut a triangle from the green kite paper and stick it over the triangle at the bottom.

5. Your kite will now look like the Indian flag, but without the chakra in the center.

6. Turn your kite over and glue a broomstick across the center as shown. Cut the broomstick to fit the length of the kite.

7. Slightly bend the second broomstick as shown.

8. Glue it horizontally across the kite as shown.

9. Make thin strips from orange, white and green kite papers.

10. Bunch the strips together and glue them to both sides of the kite.

11. Glue a thread to the bottom tip of the kite.

12. Cut out bow-shaped bits from orange, white and green kite papers.

13. Glue them along the thread in the order of the tricolour.

14. To fly the kite, tie one end of a spool of thread to the joints of the kite’s frame.

Your kite is now ready to fly!

Make your own Champak bookmark and send us photos at writetochampak@delhipress.in