Intl Yoga Day!

Q1. What is the colour of the yoga mats?

Q2. How many people are practicing yoga in the first row?

Q3. What is the tourist in the red tee doing?

Q4. Where is the instructor seated?

Q5. What is the young boy taking a picture of?

A Bus Ride

Q1. What is the colour of the umbrella the boy sitting in front is holding?

Q2. What are the two kids putting on the girl’s hair sitting in front of them?

Q3. What are the two girls sitting on the third row eating?

Q4. What is the boy sitting at the back doing?

A Milky Business!

World Milk Day is observed on June 1.  Look at the picture and answer the questions. 

Q1. How many animals can you count?

Q2. At the milk farm, what is collected and distributed? 

Q3. How many pails is the man on the cycle carrying? 

Q4. How many pails can you count in total?